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14 Sep 2013 17:25 #54077 by self biased
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yes. being tapped in no way excludes a vampire (no matter who controls it) from voting if it has votes to cast. some situations where a vampire may be forced to vote in a certain way, but that's usually the effect of explicit card text.

As Adonai pointed out and was verified by Pascal:

FAQ 3.23

3.23 Which vampires can cast votes in which referendums? i.e. Who can vote when?

In general, all vampires may cast their votes in all referendums.
Specific card text is required to prohibit a specific vampire or a specific
sect of vampires from voting. The only cards which prohibit sects of vampires
from voting are as follows:
Closed Session
Private Audience
Cardinal Benediction
and Bruce de Guy

In all other votes, every vampire that is not in torpor may cast their
votes in favor of or against the terms of the vote.

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14 Sep 2013 20:58 #54078 by jamesatzephyr
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Does this also mean that a Vampire controlled by another Methuselah that is tapped can still use his title in a vote??

Being tapped stops a few specific things. In particular:

- a tapped vampire can't take an action
- a tapped vampire can't attempt to block an action
- a tapped vampire can't play a reaction card

In all three cases, exceptions exist, by the Golden Rule of Cards. And many effects will target a tapped or untapped minion. Additionally, a tapped minion can't be used to pay a "cost" where the cost is "tap to blah", for example "Tap this minion to..."

There are a few other corner cases (e.g. a tapped vampire can't be used for a Slave combat), but that's the bulk of it.

Notable things a tapped vampire can do:

- play action modifiers (the acting vampire is usually tapped when playing them!), which is important for superior Cloak the Gathering
- maneuver, strike, gain additional strikes, press, and use any other combat effects etc. as normal
- use their special ability text, including providing benefits to the controlling Methuselah (being tapped doesn't turn the ability off)
- cast votes or ballots in a referendum (including a Blood Hunt referendum)
- count towards meeting the requirements for playing a master card (e.g. you can play Ventrue Headquarters, even if your only Ventrue is tapped from Sensory Deprivation)

Again, exceptions exist based on card text. For example, a vampire's special ability might require them to be untapped, or to "tap to..." provide some effect. But, for example, if Anson is tapped, you still get an extra master phase action. (Imagine he has Sensory Deprivation on him.) Alexandra can untap another Toreador, even when she's tapped.

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