file Question on the correct way to play the tangle atropos hand

31 Jan 2017 12:46 #80436 by Ankha

So if Mylan (or that AUS card or Abdelsobek or so on) untags someone who has played Kiss of Ra, can they play a 2nd copy of an action card or bleed or vote again? Meaning, does that scenario follow the DI / Tangle pattern?

No. Think your way through the sequence. Mylan untaps a tapped vampire. He does not have any text, anywhere, mentioning that the action was cancelled (not taken.) Any vampire he untaps may only take actions that do not have NRA taint.

Correct. Kiss of Ra doesn't cancel the action, it ends it. This implies that the action has reached resolution (unsuccessfully) and is tainted by the NRA.

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