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18 May 2018 19:06 #87150 by darkmore
If you want more clarity then update the text on some cards: taste of vitae, telepathic tracking, but don't change the wording for the whole combat round.

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18 May 2018 20:52 #87157 by Mauro Ramos
The game already has a great combat system, changing it in order to just launch new cards to sell will take away old players and deeply sink our beloved game deeply.

I say NO to these changes.

  Reprint the old cards the way it was and work on new content with two game modes as the elder "Sydnelson" offered is the solution.

Mauro Ramos
Prince Of Fortaleza.
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19 May 2018 15:59 #87179 by ReverendRevolver
Basically, we need to clean and define the damn system. That's what option A is supposed to be. Combine I'll defined it undefined parts into specific windows, with 4 parts, and make the ambiguity have a definitive place inside of :





Carve them up. Pres go in beginning, etc. Maneuver in manuever, with the grapple timing st the end, and any "skip range step" bypass only the part where manuever get played.
Strikes in whatever order, I'm not typing it all again, you know selecting, resolving, sce,dodge,environmental and effects, standard, resolution, additional, etc.
End becomes taste, dotb damage, disarm, and subsequently the part where you can press, which becomes nullified if the round ends in a state where presses cannot be played (one or more minions no longer ready, combat ended as strike, etc).
The obvious bookends are Psyche and damage from Cat Fear, since they are defined by outside of regular timing, but will still be defined.

Little to nothing will change, presses need separate window from taste, disarm, et al, and I would like to see a redesign on strike order to make first strike not third strike, but that's another argument.

(Basically, add first strike to many dodge and sce, but not all, and make it go first strike (impulse owner) first strike (other player) sce, dodge, normal strikes and environmental. ) I'll start a thread on it, but does anybody disagree with it, for reasons other than nerfing wallpaper sce cards and maintaining power of normal ones?

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20 May 2018 11:15 #87194 by Bloodartist

None of this is necessary.

Thank you for your constructive feedback.

No problem.

Prove your case before coming up with a solution.

A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.
—Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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20 May 2018 14:18 - 20 May 2018 14:23 #87199 by ReverendRevolver

In order to simplify the round structure, we are considering the following:
Round structure:
  1. Start ( = At the start of the round = before range is determined for non-set range effects)
  2. Maneuver step
    2.a Start ( = At the start of the maneuver step = before range is determined for set range effects)
    2.b Maneuver ( = During the maneuver step)
    2.c End
  3. Strike step
    3.a Start ( = At the start of the strike step, = before strikes are chosen)
    3.b Choose strike
    [u]3.c.1 resolve sce
      3.c.2 resolve dodges
      3.c.3 resolve first strike strikes
      3.c.4 resolve strikeeffects
       3.c.5 resolve damage from strikes and environmental damage
     3.c.6 generate additional strikes 
      3.c.7 choose additional strikes 
      3.c.8 resolve additional strikes. For multiple additional strikes,  resolve one at a time until all are resolved or a minion is no longer ready.[/u]
    3.d End
  4. Press step
    4.a Start
    4.b Press ( = During the press step)
    4.c End
  5. End ( = At the end of the round)

Torn Signpost: Only usable at the start of the round.
Immortal Grapple: Only usable at close range, at the start of the strike step.
Shadow Step: Only usable at the start of the maneuver step. Burn 2 blood to set the range for this round and end the maneuver step.

The idea is to remove self-defined (or implicit) steps such as "Before range is determined". Also the "Determine Range" step would be named "Maneuver step" for consistency.

The goal is not to design a new combat system.


The underline(could not made color work...) is mine, carving out each tiny window. But my question is couldn't combat end at the end of press step once no more "end" of press step cards are played?

This is combat as we know it, but better defined. Frankly, option b isn't as different if it's got clearly defined beginning middle and end, which is needed. I know we aren't after a new system, but can we rename first strike to early strike? Its small but unintuitive. Or we could call it fast strike and gain a letter back from the word.....
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