lightbulb Rulebook: Potentially misleading and oddly placed passages

30 Jul 2021 16:52 - 30 Jul 2021 20:31 #102825 by Hobbesgoblin
I found a couple of misleading and wweird phrases in the rulebook that need fixing in my opnion.

ADVANCED RULESSome cards have a burn option icon.This icon means that a Methuselah who does not control a minion that meets the requirements of this card may discard it during ANY Methuselah’s unlock phase and replace it.Each Methuselah is limited to one such discard each unlock phase.For each card and title you are contesting, you must choose to yield or to pay to contest it.

This sems to be in the wrong place, should that not be inside the box below, or in it'S own box after both contest cases?

Contested Titles
If more than one vampire in play claims the same title, then the title is contested.

This can be read as that two cardinals, primogen etc would contest. There needs to be a "unique" here.

If a single minion has two or more different mandatory actions, then they are “stuck” and cannot perform any action (this does not prevent your other minions from performing actions, however).

Should be "If a single minion can't perform a mandatory action or has two [...]
Aka the "change of target on a mandatory hunt" rule.

2. Resolve Any Block Attempts
Stealth and Intercept

Note that all modifications made to a minion’s stealth or intercept remain in effect for the duration of the action. Increased stealth and intercept return to normal after the action is resolved.

Stealth and intercept can be below 0 due to cards and effects, this also resets to the default value.

5. Damage Resolution

ADVANCED RULESAllies and retainers treat aggravated damage the same as normal damage. For each point of damage successfully inflicted on a minion or retainer, they burn 1 life counter. A minion or retainer who loses all of their life counters is burned.

Should be Ally.
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30 Jul 2021 20:32 #102827 by Hobbesgoblin
I just discoverd a second occurance of "Minion" that should be "Ally" in the last quaoted paragraph.
I edited the post accordingly.
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04 Aug 2021 11:43 - 04 Aug 2021 12:53 #102858 by Joscha
From Clarifications in the V5-Rulebook:

Deep Song - "At superior, if the action is not blocked, the target minion is considered to be the acting minion: ..."
Deep Song sup works only against vampires, not minions.

"Frenzy. d Enter combat with and lock a vampire. The target vampire is considered the acting minion during that combat."

Baron of Frankfurt
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