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20 Feb 2022 18:12 #104705 by ReverendRevolver

Thanks for getting back.

I’m still not clear how this card is played. If opposing minion has this card played on them, why would they even try to play a reaction card?

I’m not sure whether this is just a poorly worded card, or I’m missing something very basic.

Large part of the point is to make them not play them.
I think I've seen it used once maybe. The idea is you stop vampires from waking to block you. It's often a good plan to use Carna, Matthias, Neighbor John, etc to block 3ish actions in one turn, or wake/on the Q to bounce with :AUS: or :dom: . BOS tries to pick one of those vampires and make them not be able to block or bounce once tapped.

It's not used much because:
It's not effective against decks that aren't going to react or block anyway.

It wates an action that could have otherwise been used to win or not lose.

Itsnot effective against weenie :AUS: or :ANI: because they'll just block with another of the 5 vamps they have out.

Its in a similar vein as Sense Dep, Mind of a Child, Nightmare Curse, Shadowed eyes, and formerly Seeds of Corruption; you can screw over a minion, maybe, but it has to further your game by actually mattering towards you getting VPs or not becoming a VP for your predator. Even Sense Dep isn't the end all be all if your sitting between 2 weenie :POT: decks.

It's not unplayably bad, but it doesn't give you a huge advantage against every deck and only targets tapped ready younger targets.

They essentially can no longer react while locked, but can cycle the cards if needed.

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20 Feb 2022 20:18 #104707 by Lankweird
Thanks for the detailed response, very much appreciated. Makes total sense now.


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21 Feb 2022 11:11 #104714 by Khaan
Goratrix wall is about the only deck i'd want this card for, and even then only if my win condition wasnt based on bleeds, since BoS doesnt really help against weenie bleed bouncers.

But even with BoS on Goratrix (or some other wall vamp), that vamp would just stay untapped, meaning you still need 2 actions each turn to get through.

Thus a combo of good ol' euro-stealth (Pentex subversion, Blind spot, misdirection, anarch troublemaker) may be better better picks, with more cyclability/speed.

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21 Feb 2022 14:54 #104717 by ReverendRevolver
Exactly as Khaan says about Goratrix, many walls with one star that you would want to use this one already have a way around it and did before the card was printed. Goratrix, Rachel Brandywine, high cap magagi with no secrets, taylor twist, and obedience second trad all don't care about BoS.
So you put it on a midcap where it sort of messes with them. Or you put it on a standing intercept :AUS: +BOWL type Allstars blocker. But that +6 stealth gets mitigated by thier static access to 3 intercept, requiring them to have eyes of argus + eagle sight or telepathic Misdirection in hand. I wanted BoS to work. But a second trad failing to block makes your target invalid alone, so.... it's better to find other ways to mess with blockers.

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01 Mar 2022 15:22 #104744 by Ashur
Yes, the word "younger" makes this card terribly bad. I assume it targeted weenie-AUS decks, but that is not versatile enough.

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