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1. Correct, you cannot play two (limited) bleed modifiers.

There few odd cards that enable you to bypass this.

Such as:

Command of the Beast
"Only usable during a bleed action.
dom +1 bleed (limited).
DOM +1 bleed that does not count against the limit."

Only the acting minion can modify the action.

Again there are a few cards to bypass this.

Some of the very limited number of such cards are:

Empowering the Puppet King
"Only usable during a bleed action by a ready unlocked vampire other than the acting minion.
dom The acting minion gets +1 bleed (limited).
DOM As above, but usable by a ready locked vampire."

Cloak the Gathering:
"obf: +1 stealth.
OBF Only usable by a ready vampire other than the acting minion. The acting minion gets +1 stealth."

Touch of Clarity:
"Usable by an acting minion or any ready unlocked minion.
dem: Cancel a non-combat card requiring Dementation , Dominate or Presence as it is played, and its cost is not paid. Lock this vampire.
DEM: As above, but do not lock this vampire.

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