file FELD update with Lost Kindred and images

19 Aug 2018 21:35 #90136 by Sydnelson

Hello Fernando,

thanks for your support here.

I found some extremely strange effects, I am afraid....

Here is what I did:
I created a backup of the inventory of my old FELDB.
I renamed and zipped my old FELDB folder, and then erased the FELDB folder from the Programs folder.
I erased all previous downloads of the new FELDB and Pictures.
I downloaded, just now, fresh versions of the FELDB file, and the Pictures file.
I unzipped the files, and put them into the Programs folder.

Now, the mystery:
When I start the freshly copied "Vampire.exe" application, right in its folder, it opens to show only the old cards, not the new onses.... and it shows my old inventory lists, with all card numbers, although I had not imported these!
By some Auspex trick, the new version of the application seems to have found my old inventory data....

Further experiments show:
When I copy the new FELDB file into a folder NOT called "feldb" in my Programs folder, the new FELDB application starts es expected, and I see the new cards.
When I re-name the exact same folder to "feldb" or "FELDB", the behavious noted above happens: The former version of FELDB starts.
Re-naming again to something other than "feldb" leads to the correct behaviour again.

I am now completelyl confused. :woohoo:
It seems that if (and only if) one had a previous version isntalled, and the folder for the new version under "Programs" is named "feldb", Windows opens the application with some old configuration.....

Best regards,


FELD is a very old program with very basic programing code, it does not check or import any kind of old data or info or configuration.

Probably you create a shortcut that pointing to your old feld installation or a backup. Did you try to install in a different folder? Make a test creating FELD in C:\FELD.

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24 Jan 2019 15:12 #93120 by VRez
Thanks for keeping it update.
I can't play VTES without FELD.

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