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03 Dec 2020 21:24 - 20 Mar 2023 22:03 #101202 by smeeag
Hi All,
I'm pleased to announce you new online card search & deck-building tool - VDB vdb.im .
It's a successor of VTES-DB , it's similar in look, but it use new engine allowing new features - most important of which is Deck Building.

- Combined deck building & search interface - browse & add cards to your decks on-the-fly;
- Wide search options - many filters (essentials + useful e.g. set / precons / artist with traits like 'only in' and 'first printed in' for sets);
- Interface which you may like (or not :)
- Mobile-friendly. Should look nice on modern big mobile screens (may not fit entirely into smaller though);
- Import/export to/from popular formats to easy migration and backup - e.g. you can paste text from TWDA/Amaranth/Lacket (or import from file) to quickly start with your decks;
- Create PDF with proxies of your decks;
- Updated to V5;
- Open source, ad-free & privacy-respecting;

Usage hints:
- You will need to create account for deck building (as it stores decks on the server). No email confirmations, etc required - just name and password. You can use card search without account of course.
- Hover over card name to preview image.
- Click on card name to toggle preview from image to text and back (useful for lower bandwidth / easier reading).
- You can edit deck in dedicated Deck tab, or (what is advised) modify it on-the-fly during card search: to do so, go to Crypt/Library search (login & create deck first) and click top-left 'Add to Deck Mode', then all cards results of you searches will have '+' button to add it to chosen deck. You can toggle this mode (as well as change 'active' deck) anytime.
- On mobile cards in 'Add mode' are added to the deck selected in Deck tab (you can switch tabs without losing results/filters).
- On mobile 'Magnifying glass' button on top-right corner toggle from search form to results and back.

Screenshots (same as below, but in full size):
Desktop - Crypt search tab with Search (middle-right) & integrated Deck Editor(left)
Desktop - Library search tab (plain, without Deck)
Desktop - Deck tab
Mobile - Search options
Mobile - Search results
Mobile - Deck tab
Mobile - Card preview (text layout)
Mobile - Card preview (image layout)

Keep in mind, that this is first public release, so there are bugs.

I'm open to suggestions / bug reports.

P. S. Thanks to Sydnelson for card images (I use it without his direct permission, but I hope it's OK).
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04 Dec 2020 09:12 #101204 by Lönkka
You seem to be able to search with any word you want WHICH IS NICE!

Finnish :POT: Politics!

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13 Dec 2020 05:45 #101254 by tksolway
Is this available on IOS?

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13 Dec 2020 12:54 #101256 by smeeag
It is a website, so it should work in any OS with a browser and it does not require installation.

I cannot test it in IOS specifically right now, but give it a try and most likely it works.

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25 Dec 2020 20:23 - 25 Dec 2020 21:16 #101299 by smeeag
Merry Christmas to All,
I prepared small gift for you: now you can search TWDA in vdb. Check it out: vdb.smeea.casa/twd
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08 Jan 2021 07:10 #101388 by smeeag
Added Card Types and Capacity filters to TWD search (card types are SLOW, but i'll try to optimize it later) with addition of Mono Clan (only decks with 1 clan) and Star Vampire (decks with 5+ copy of same vampire and 4+ if anarch convert is also in the deck).

I trust it will help those interested in more in-depth analysis, including article writers.


P.S. If you want something to be changed in VDB or need additional feature don't hesitate to write right here.
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