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18 Feb 2021 14:41 #101653 by smeeag
Thanks for the clarification, now I understand the issue.
I'll think how to deal with it and will come with the solution.

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18 Feb 2021 19:08 #101655 by Yomyael
While testing the Deckbuilder and Proxy tool, I found a bug: When you have an advanced vampire in the crypt, the proxy file includes the base vampire.

Prince of Bonn, Germany
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19 Feb 2021 00:17 #101656 by Hobbesgoblin
>>Showing the avg Capacity of a crypt search
>It's always possible set capacity min/max caps and see result only withing desired >range, so unfortunately this doesn't seem useful enough for me to be add.

This was apparently a feature in the Secret Library my local prince misses, wich is why I brought it up.

The Idea is, when building a deck around a certain discipline combo and/or clan, (rather then a vampire i.e.) to identify a crypt combination that has higher/lower capacities.

For example, if I would like to build the lowest cap possibly Anto-Toreador deck, where do I have the lowest average capacity?

not ther most important feature admittedly ^^"

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19 Feb 2021 09:13 #101664 by smeeag
Thanks, will be fixed in next release.

For such kind of cases (find best matching group, which is quite popular case) I recommend to set filters you like (in this partilucar case only clan, but can be extended to any other combination) and then just put capacity cap to something reasonable (i.e. <=5..7) and quickly check results per-groups on the top (TOTAL line).
It makes not much sense if group has low avg capacity, but with only 2 vamps in total, compared to slightly higher but realistic outcome of 5+ vampires.
However show avg. capacity for each group in the total results line sounds useful and possible will appear in the future.

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20 Feb 2021 07:00 #101670 by Hobbesgoblin
I admit, parts of this reasoning might be very specific how I build "Non-Star"-Decks ;)

General idea/suggestion:
The Layout of the Deck-View is wasting a lot of screen real estate.
I think something like this (epic photoshop skills! might be better.

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22 Feb 2021 16:36 #101685 by smeeag
Update with many changes:
- Updated Deck page layout (more vertical space for Crypt/Library);
- Updated TWD search results to show capacity/clan for crypt and discipline/clan for library cards;
- Added Preconstructed decks to Deck page to choose from;
- Inventory mode for not-your-decks opened in Deck page (i.e. for TWD / shared by URL / Preconstructed):
Highlights in red cards you don't have enough in Inventory;
Highlights in yellow cards you have in total, but it will require to take it from one of 'fixed' decks;
No highlight if you have it available;
- Button to show missing in inventory cards for the deck in Deck page.
It respects deck/card inventory status (Flexible or Fixed) and for Virtual (@) decks and any not-yours (twd / precon / shared by url) it calculate as it's Flexible (i.e. allowing to re-use cards from other Flexible decks but NOT from Fixed);
- Proxy button allow to print only missing cards (same with inventory status as above);
- Card quantity manual enter (click on card quantity) in addition to [+]/[-] buttons;
- Inventory page option to choose what to show:
All (cards you have + cards you need)
Only owned cards
Only cards you have problem with (first column is still quantity you have, not 'required');
- Additional 'Copy Deck-In-URL' button which 'encode' the deck to url.
Because standard Copy URL works as a 'pointer' to the deck in the author's deck archive => it follows the changes (and deletion!) and even though it's OK most of the time (and maybe even desired), you may want to 'freeze' it to be sure the one following the link will ALWAYS see the deck in the state it was during URL creation.
Technical details: this link contain all VDB need to render the deck (in the format ...?name=NAME&author=AUTHOR&description=DESCRIPTION#ID=QUANTITY;ID2=... where ID is card ID from official VEKN card list). So this 'deck-in-urls' does not exist (and does not require to ever be created) on the VDB server and may be easily generated by anyone (e.g. by third-party software as quick way to show the deck using VDB rendering) as well as decoded => even when VDB will stop to work it will be easy to restore the deck from the url;
- Crypt searches shows avg. capacity for each group in Total line;
- Card text updated to VEKN changes dated 21-01-2021;
- Added Maleficia, Striga and Flight to discipline filter in Library search;
- Crypt/Library search page is more centered now for unlogged users;
- Fixed bug with non-ASCII letters for card search and export to Lackey;
- Fixed bug with Advanced vampire proxy generation;
- Fixed bug with Amaranth deck import by URL;
- Fixed bug with card modal preview in Decks/Crypt/Library with inventory-mode;
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