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26 Aug 2015 04:52 #72758 by Ke.
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I would ask that any player planning on playing such a deck ensure they're familiar with it before playing it with other players (easy to do by yourself!) and learn to play the setup turn as quickly as possible. You're going to attract table hate, but slightly less if you're efficient. It's in your interest anyway, don't want the table to timeout just as you've setup for the win (or loose).

True, also a right question might be: do you want to bring such decks out of tournaments?
if no, would you consider bringing it to small tournaments?
I know I just brought Una to ECQ or better tournaments, but that's just me.

Una, no. She doesn't appeal to me much. I have however played turbo Nergal at an EC and may at some point play another turbo deck in a tournament. As I said, I have no issue with them and think they have a place — but I would only play one I had confidence in and experience with.

Both Turbo Nergal and Arika have had some success — even Turbo Cybele. A little bit of cheese goes a long way...

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02 Feb 2017 04:13 #80461 by rezwits
Replied by rezwits on topic Re: Una Freak Drive
I have been debating finalizing my collection with the UNA freak drive deck, and I find it to be a relic of the game. To have the chance to pull her out of her crypt and put her to work for newbies in creating a playgroup would be fun for them to see "once". To play her every time your playgroup sits down would be RIDICULOUS. (Tourney use is up to you, and VEKN)

But to me variety is the spice of life. I don't want any changes to the rules if possible, they have seem to have been working.

To me she is similar to having to think about putting Aranthebes, the Immortal, in your deck. It's all about YOUR META, or the Metas. But it's cool that she is sleeping in her crypt with her FULL on THREAT in existence, and you have to debate wether you want to be prepared for her or not, or the weenie rush decks.

Having the "meta" of the game be from one end of the spectrum to the other end is GREAT for the game...

Just my 2¢

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