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Technical problem: what is "the round"? People usually mean something like "once round the table until it gets back to me again", but games of V:TES do not have to follow that pattern because Reversal of Fortunes exists, including out-of-turn Reversal of Fortunes - which this card helpfully enables. To accomplish what I think you want, I'd reword it as follows:

New Text: Choose another Methuselah. Successful referendum means your minions can act as if you have switched places with that Methuselah until your discard phase and untaps this acting minion.

Maybe this can clarify it.

Player A preys B
Player B preys C
Player C preys D
Player D preys E
Player E preys A

Player A calls Dramatic Upheaval with Arika.
Terms: Player A "switch position" with Player D
Referendum succeds, Arika untaps by card text
Arika Govern the unaligned at superior :DOM:
Player E can attempt to block and after declines, player C can attempt because they are the Prey and Predator.
Player B can only attempt with Eagle Sight or something similar.

Arika freak drives

Arika bleeds without any card. The target of the bleed is Player E because he is the prey of Player D.

If Arika Kills Player E, player D wins 1 VP and 6 pool as normal.

Arika dont have any other action, and you dont have any other minion, at your discard phase the card Dramatic Upheaval lost the effects and the game continues as normal.

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26 Jun 2019 07:49 #95617 by Kirill
Replied by Kirill on topic Banned cards errata
My idea about Dramatic Upheaval: Choose another Methuselah and put this cart in play. While this cart in play you can block (d) action as chosen player. Any vampire can burn this cart as +1 stealth political action.
Lilith's Blessing: reduce blood to 1, not used for vampires with Villein, and make bahari independent subsect (maybe add some promo or bahari mini-set)
Anthelios, the Red Star: maybe not discard, but pool burn for each counter. In that case you play Anthelios not for main effect, but as sign of Gehena and other player get small time to prepare for it

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