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18 Oct 2014 20:36 #66752 by schabowski
Toreador gun deck was created by schabowski

I need help with my Toreador gun deck.
It is quite ok, but not perfect yet.
Maybe you have some good ideas how to improve it.
I want to play the deck at european, expecially german tournaments.
Thank you.

Vampire (12):
1 Zoe, cap 3, AUS, cel
1 Dorian Strack, cap 4, AUS, cel
1 Victor Revell, Loyalist, cap 5, aus, CEL, pre
2 Felicia Mostrom, cap 5, AUS, CEL, pre
1 Rigby, Crusade Vanguard, cap 5, aus, CEL, PRE
2 Kallista, Master Sculptor, cap 6, AUS, CEL, pre
2 Greta Kircher, cap 7, AUS, CEL, PRE
2 Jessica, cap 7, AUS, CEL, PRE

Library (90):
Master Cards(15):
6 Blood Doll
1 Direct Intervention
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Fame
1 Giant's Blood
1 Powerbase Montreal
1 Rack, The
1 Smiling Jack, the Anarch
1 Sudden Reversal

Actions (8):
2 Bum's Rush
2 Entrancement
2 Heart of the City
2 Nose of the Hound

Combo (2):
2 Resist Earth's Grasp

Combat Cards(29):
3 Blur
7 Concealed Weapon
7 Psyche!
7 Pursuit
5 Taste of Vitae

Reaction Cards(26):
4 Eagle's Sight
4 Enhanced Senses
4 Eyes of Argus
2 My Enemy's Enemy
4 On the Qui Vive
4 Quicken Sight
4 Telepathic Misdirection

Action Modifier(2):
2 Aire of Elation

7 44 Magnum
1 Bowl of Convergence

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18 Oct 2014 20:58 #66753 by ReverendRevolver
This style is mediocre compared to the same thing with princes and second trad.

Ive ran Anson celerity guns for years with success, and seen Annekke decks use this sort of setup to win.

Even using this premise, later groupings offer better choices, due to osebo help.

If you HAVE to build AUS CEL guns, as a 90 card deck, 36-38 combat cards are needed. You win by dominating the 3 way, and making chest thumps before then. Heres yoir combat package:
3-5 taste.
5-6 concealed weapons, and one more 44 magnum than # of concealed.
2-4 sideslip, because ivory bow makes you look like a bitch otherwise.
4-6 psyche. Sce and grapples eat you up otherwise. Ive gone as high as 7.
5-8 pursuit. Your bread and butter.
3-6 blur. Sucks overdoing these, but they help.

Everything else is optional, the stuff just listed has to be there. Target vitals is cool, fast hands is almost uselessly cornercase, flash is (despite what you may hear) useless as fake tits on a zombie in these decks. "Oh, ill add a Flash" always ends up "I drew flash when pursuit wouldve made me live/fame ousted...."

Jack needs defended properly. Using not princes makes you have to do alot with your reactions. 13 secomd trads is 97% of the time better than 20 something auspex cards. If you run non princes, drop enhmaced senses, run no fewer than 5 no more than 9 eyes of argus, and 6 total bounces is plenty. Eagles sight has to be included, but meta dictates how many. Wuicken sight is 1-4, also meta pending.

Resist earths grasp is good, zephyr will be soon.

6 blood dolls isnt practical unless you plan on farming from them.

Big celerity is better than big aus. You can afford chumps just fighting good, but zoe is one of the best support vamps EVER and sarah brando is better for this kimd of deck in your grouping.

IF I were to go G2 and 1, 4 caps with celerity at big would be the best tactic. In g45 or 56, you get 5 and 6 cap Osebo with AUS CEL, a 4 cap CEL aus, and torries with CEL aus. 6 has Asguresh CEL aus nec and cancelling combat special.

Anyway, combat and attrition is vital. You want bleeds and torries, go g1-2 or 2-3 princes. 7 cap in g3, Anson in g1, and vulker and marcellous in g2. CEL support cast, and have slots freed up due to secomd trad.

Midcap AUS CEL isnt exclusively toreador in its best form.

Hope ive helped.

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19 Oct 2014 18:32 #66785 by schabowski
Replied by schabowski on topic Re: Toreador gun deck
Thank you for your help.
Do you have any good deck lists?

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24 Oct 2014 12:09 #66932 by nexusknight
Replied by nexusknight on topic Re: Toreador gun deck

Without radically changing your deck, I've got a few suggestions:

1) I would add in an Art Museum.

2) I don't think Smiling Jack is useful to this deck.

3) Since you will probably use PB Montreal, or Art Museum (I like having both), I would consider having at least one High Capacity Vampire that can slowly make his/her way out, I would Suggest Anneke (just because of the Built in Eagles Sight) or Masika (who can untap during any Methuselah's discard phase). Both have +1 Bleed.

4) I get what you are doing with the blood dolls, though I would drop 1 or 2 as I don't think every vampire has to have one.

5) I like Enhanced Senses, back in the mid 90's that is how we intercepted things, sadly for this deck, I think it's time has passed and using more quicken sights and a Celerity discipline card or two is the way ahead.

6) My Enemy's Enemy, is a funny card, I like the name, but really you want to deflect all bleeds onto your prey. I don't think you will be hard up for +1 Intercept you can otherwise get from this card.

And that's all I got to say about that, hope it helps.

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24 Oct 2014 14:46 #66936 by ReverendRevolver

Thank you for your help.
Do you have any good deck lists?

Sort lf...

Good is subjective. This is my Anson deck. I think the list is accurate. Tons of finals, never won a tournament.

This is Cashdollar's TW Anneke deck

This is the same players TWD with osebo. Loads different than this style of build, similar style of play at the end of the day:

And this is a TWD using the grouping I feel is better if you run withou princes, from 3 years back, by Timo.

So, the idea is to look at what you can do with what youve got, and decide whats most important. Im a second trad fan. Its great. But, just Aus Cel, later grouping is solid.

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25 Oct 2014 06:24 #66946 by alek
Replied by alek on topic Re: Toreador gun deck
for me there are two best approaches for torreador gun deck. When is Anneke wall by Tomasz Izydorczyk -
and the other Anson infernal pursuit - f.e.

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