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17 May 2016 06:49 #76954 by Old_Spirit
Thanks everyone for spending the time to explain me the current meta, and why many cards are bad given how combat works currently.

I was looking to make something different from the decks I saw on Secret Library, but I guess I don't have the experience right now to build an original deck.

I think I will just get a couple of deck from SL, play them out a bit to understand them, and then eventually I'll go back to the drawing board.

Again, thank you, since you gave me a lot to think about.

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17 May 2016 08:27 #76956 by Lönkka
One thing pointed here was how expensive a card Body Flare and Mythical Form are to use. The Potence/Celerity way would be way less expensive AND with the added bonus that torporized minions go down empty (=zero blood). This is important as people from left and right might probably perceive you as table treat and will fight you by rescuing other player's vampires from torpor. If you torporize them with aggravated you don't really burn much of their blood so the rescues will slow you down (Enkidu can only use his special ability to enter combat one per turn) which'll probably mean that you'll have trouble in staying in the game.

Check Aleksi's VERY effective Enkidu deck where the idea is to enter combat with Enkidu multiple times each turn (enter combat., Earth Meld (=untap), Psyche, give the opposing minion a brutal beatdown, start again by entering combat with another minion.).

It also features quite effective ousting mechanisms (Andre LeRoux, Codex of the Edenic Groundskeeper).

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18 May 2016 13:26 #76966 by Ashur

Check Aleksi's VERY effective Enkidu deck

Cheesuz, 121 players. That´s a lot of players for a combat deck.

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