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24 Oct 2016 10:49 #78759 by Bloodartist
Again, I have next to no experience on necromancy or harbingers so take whatever I say with a grain of salt., but considering the available disciplines, I might personally go for either a dedicated wall deck with smiling jacks or something for ousting (because you have auspex and fortitude to protect yourself from the worst) or some kind of multi-action deck utilizing the fact you can play freak drives. The latter might employ allies as secondary action to perform besides bleeding? Just my 10 cents.. Ultimately it comes down to your choice.

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06 Nov 2016 17:40 #78900 by ICL
Replied by ICL on topic Harbinger Tap and Bleed help?
The only decks I've found so far that are even close would be HoS Creation Rites decks.

Perfectionist. Forget more action slots with Restoration, Perfectionist is good without Freak Drive, that much better with.

For more cards, making a run out to Lodi sometime to drop off some cards is not all that difficult, one of the Bay Area players is trying to unload his collection and I have extras of various things.

Anyway, the reason for Creation Rites is that even if you had three dudes in play, tapping and Trochomancying, it's still not all that frightening. Tap and bleed with six dudes is scarier.

Oh, and Heidelberg plus J.S. plus Tasha plus Laptops plus some Computer Hackings is okay. What's amusing is that your group 2 build can run Pentex(TM) Love You! as well and not be crazy.

Of course, the downside to Dennies is that you have to actually get them in play, they make you more vulnerable to vote murder, they want skill cards eating up potential slots, and you need actual vampires who can put them into play, so now adding Cardinal Benedictions or whatever. The Embrace can largely serve the same function and can not bother with skill cards. Or, play some dorks with your HoS, unless you really need to be 100% HoS. AUS at 3, at 4 with For, Nec for dork Jarring.

I'd also look at 1x The Kiss of Ra because people wake up and it will inconvenience a bunch of decks that are good at blocking.

I'd also run a minimum of six bounce, for the simple reason that bounce is tap bleed in and of itself, and you probably can't race any serious bleed deck. Some vote defense would make sense for tournament play, which the Creation Rites/Cardinal Benediction angle can maybe do better at.
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10 Nov 2016 17:53 #78927 by Dorrinal
Harbingers tap and bleed is one of my favorite decks to play. I have had moderate success, including a tournament win, with Steve Coombs Memorial (HI BRANDON):

You've been getting great advice in the thread so far. The biggest disagreement I have is about Unre. In my experience, the +1 bleed on Unre and/or The Baron are excellent for this style of deck. Their 2 votes can be good defense or negotiating tools at the table as well.

Best wishes!


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