question-circle Comprehensive EC 2016 Results & Call for Information

21 Nov 2016 10:22 #79127 by elotar
Organizers was callecting decklists.
So some metagame statistics (just for day2 if it's hard to do for all tournaments) will be appresiated.


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21 Nov 2016 15:30 #79135 by thelonius reloaded
Our team is calculating ;)

Lurking in the underground of Bologna, Italy

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21 Nov 2016 18:42 #79141 by ilmale
Sorry for the delay, we are submitting archons for the events and compiling some statics for the deck played during the EC. Also, I'd like to thank Extrala to paste results here; one of the main reason for collecting decklists this year was to attempt to restore your amazing and very useful report about metagames.
In very short time you will find the archon related to the events and detailed decklists when possible.

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When you are an hammer, strike."
Italian NC
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21 Nov 2016 20:41 #79147 by Hakuron
Here is my personal survey (without any number of appearances). Thanks to Ali and Ralf for their support! :woohoo:

Decks witnessed at the EC 2016

Weenie Dementation Stealth Bleed (with Ashurs)
Midcap Dementation Stealth Bleed
Bigcap Dementation Stealth Bleed (e.g. Thucimia/Josef van Bauren/Unmada)
Weenie Dominate Bleed
Midcap Dominate/Obfuscate Stealth Bleed (e.g. Malk '94)
Bigcap Dominate/Obfuscate Stealth Bleed (and Vote) (e.g. Mistress Fanchon/Rafael de Corazon)
Bigcap Dominate/Obfuscate Stealth Bleed with Serpentis Tricks
Bigcap Obfuscate Stealth Bleed (e.g. Girls will find)
Kiasyd Stealth Bleed
Lasombra Stealth Bleed with Nocturns
Guillaume Giovanni Stealth Bleed with Nocturns
Unnamed Powerbleed
Presence Tap and Bleed
Presence/Obfuscate Tap and Bleed
Weenie Obfuscate Bruise and Bleed
Nosferatu Royalty G12
Nosferatu/!Nosferatu Stealth Vote and Bleed G45
Lutz/Unmada Stealth Vote (and Bleed)
Lutz/Maris Stealth Vote (and Bleed)
Stanislava Stealth Vote and Bleed
Lasombra Stealth Vote and Bleed
Triple A
Nehemia Vote and Bleed
Akunanse Vote
Weenie Obfuscate Vote
Legacy of Pander Vote
Giovanni Khazar's Diary
Black Plague Swarm
Ravnos Swarm Bleed
!Toreador Breed and Boon (disciplinless)
Ventrue Lawfirm (G12/G23/G45)
Ventrue Royal Stickman
!Ventrue Stickmen
!Gangrel Grinder
Anson Cel Gun
Weenie (Anarch) Animalism Rush
Weenie Potence Rush
Theo/Beast Rush
Assamites Anarch Rush
Assamites Black Hand Contract Rush
Nana and Midcap Potence Horseshoes/Touch of Pain
Weenie (Malkavian) Auspex Wall
Midcap Tremere Wall
Bigcap Tremere/!Tremere Wall
Helena Wall
Anneke Wall
Ira Rivers Wall
Saulot/Dracon/Baba Yaga Wall
Dmitri Borodin Wall
Ahrimanes Wall
Harbingers Wall G45
Akunanse Wall
Lambach Wall with Weenies
Mono Valeren
Ravnos Toolbox feat. Gabrin
!Tremere Toolbox feat. Uta Kovacs
Tremere Toolbox feat. Oliver Thrace
Montano Rape/Purge/Rob
Una Freak Show
Muaziz Freak Show
Shalmath Summon History
Piper War Ghoul
Giovanni Puppeteer
Giovanni Shamblers

National Coordinator Germany
nc [dot] germany [at] magenta [dot] de
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21 Nov 2016 23:09 #79152 by Ezra
Good idea !
Deck I've played against in the Last Chance (I was playing Khazar Diary) Day1 (Girls) and First Chance (Unmada Lutz)

Stanislava (twice)
Nosferatu Royalty (twice)
Montano Purge/Graverob
Ventrue Lawfirm (three time)
Anson Gun
Kiasyd SB (twice)
Weenie Dementation
Malkavian Dabbler
Weenie Stick Target Vitals
Aksinya & Friends bleed
Black Hand Kammut
Toreador Antitribu toolbox
Nana Horseshoes
Goratrix Wall
Malgorzata vote /w fight
Stanislava Baltimore Purge
Nana Buruku & friend
Mid Cap Dementation
Carna & Muaziz fast reaction/rowan ring/amaranth
Ventrue Grinder
Victor Gerard & anarch vote/bleed
Anatole & malk freakdrive
War Ghoul
Tzimisce Toolbox
Meshenka traphorrid
Ventrue Antitribu Grinder
Tsunda breed&boon
Weenie Vial Of Elder Vitae/Hag's Wrinkles/Camera Phone (crazy combo)
Unnamed SB
Guillaume Giovanni
Anneke Wall
Weenie Ani

Maxime Socroun, 3200321

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