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17 Apr 2019 13:09 #94541 by Khalid1988
Just a question Corwin, why would you play anything but a deck you deem good enough to win in a tournament? If you don't wanna win, why play at all?

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17 Apr 2019 13:36 - 17 Apr 2019 13:37 #94542 by Dada
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Corwin, you really are a weird hateful man...

I tried to be polite to you in the fb-discussion, but you clearly don’t understand the concept of it, so i don’t know why i bothered. Very nice behaviour of you to come here and just trash me for the lolz.

Could you please, stop twisting my words to fit your own means. It’s honestly quite pathetic.

I never said anything about being the best deck builder, i said i enjoy building decks and sometimes better players than me use them in tournaments.

Or having an unwinnable deck, i said that AT THE TIME the deck had won 2/2 tournaments it participated in. Now it has just positive results in getting to finals, which isn’t all that amazing considering most of the tournaments have only been 3+F.

If you also like to build decks out of marginal vampires, good to you. For me it is one of the best aspects of the game, and i find joy in it.

And to the rest of your comments, i don’t even intended to respond. You have the right to have an opinion. And i have to right to shut that kinda negativity and whining out of my reality-tunnel. I am not interested in wasting anymore of my time to that kind of rhetorics.

Have a good day and plz go hit some trees or maybe try to meditate. Your anger issues and habit of taking things too seriously are quite obvious and frankly cancerous.

That kind of disrespecting behaviour should not be tolerated in a such marginal game like vtes, where strong community and camaraderie are the backbone of everything.

Peace out madafaka!

Baron of Riihimäki
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17 Apr 2019 14:42 #94544 by Khormag
Replied by Khormag on topic TWD: Elder Library War 3.0
I don't get this freaking "not competitive game" argument at all? How exactly is VTES not competitive, or is less competitive than said 2 player games? Having played tons of magic, in a pretty high competitive environment, and having played Netrunner in af ew tournaments and VTES in a couple of ECs and "a few" finnish tournaments, I'd say that the competitivity is as much of a part of VTES than it is part of the other games. Even more in some sense. And the community is much better.

I play games to win, and to improve myself. Games are meant to be won by some one, and it states in the core rules of VTES that you have to play for a win? I always play what ever I find fun, and what ever is competitive enough to win games. And in tournaments I always play the "best" deck I can get together for the said tournament, for the deck choice I always take into consideration the expected metagame of the tournament and my own preference. I don't really thing that is wrong thing to do? I don't really understand what is the point of playing something to just have fun, because that is not what the game is for. You have to have a winner, and playing some shit and unoptimally build deck, just to be different or just to have "fun" is not the way the game works or is meant to play. Ofc you think that things are broken, if you always play the "bad" cards and "worse" options of the cards or archetypes, just because you want to. That doesn't mean that your opinion is right, because it comes from a different and "flawed" point of view. In a game there should be a winner, and every one playing the game should aim for the win. Otherwise the game experience suffers.

Also fuck of with blaming Antti, he is super nice and friendly guy, and he builds deck as he sees fit. I'm not saying that his Sha Ennu deck is mindblowingly different, but it really is a good one, and its tried and tested. I can honestly say that its not something I want my Predator to be playing... So fuck you, and stop making these post where you have nothing constructive to say. Thank you.

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17 Apr 2019 14:59 - 17 Apr 2019 15:00 #94545 by Kraus
Replied by Kraus on topic TWD: Elder Library War 3.0
I'm guessing we're done here, for obvious reasons.

Whatever personal beef people may have, take it to the other depths of the interwebz. VEKN is for discussing VtES, not personal conflicts.

The tournament organizers may contact me if they wish to add any tournament specifics.

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