file Suggestions for vampires to fill up group 5 sabbat

23 Nov 2013 12:24 #56977 by jamesatzephyr

Danse Macabre helped group 5 sabbat quite a bit, but I think they would still need a couple more vampires per clan to be more easily workable, here are my suggestions of 2 vampires for each clan that I think would help fill some holes in the current crypt available. If these give any ideas to the design team then awesome, also comments and stuff welcome from anyone.

So, I'd need to go through them all in detail, but my overriding impression is that they're a bit... samey and don't add especially interesting options to the clans as they stand.

For example, Lauren Duncan, a mid-cap Country Gangrel Antitribu with Auspex. Group 4 already has three of those, two of them more on the Country side, and Philippe Rigaud who is a bit weird but could fit in a Country deck. It doesn't feel like filling a hole so much as duplication.

Group 4/5 is falling over itself with midcap->fattie Lasombra with Auspex.

Now, obviously, there is a grey area between "this vampire is one of a kind and therefore useless", "these vampires cluster together in a nice way", and "these vampires just duplicate each other", and everyone's views will differ a bit. And especially when it comes to small-ish vampires, having multiple with an unusual discpline combination is helpful, because you're much more likely to bring out 3, 4, 5... of them. Less so with 9 cap fatties, who are competing with other 9 and 10 cap fatties. Having a 9 cap fattie with out-of-clan [dis] and a relative weenie who has it too, that's probably more interesting. But where your vampires diverge from in-clan disciplines, it's mostly in the 6+, 7+ category.

On that score, your Ventrue Antitribu complement an existing cluster of Group 4 with weenie-ish Obtenebration reasonably well. (I was never quite sure why LSJ went the Obt route in group 4 when there was a similar-ish cluster in group 2, but that's by the by.)

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