file A mean for :CHI: to have ousting power

22 May 2014 12:17 #62682 by jamesatzephyr

Again, you have to burn 2X cards to get 2X+1 bleed.

Sorry, I'm having a day where I can neither read nor do sums.

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22 May 2014 12:23 - 22 May 2014 12:24 #62683 by Timo
I really understand the "SD is no fun for other people and should not be helped" arguments.

But I think your other arguments are kind of weak (of nigthmare B-)).

About everybody say thing like "with deep song and fata morgana they don't need other pushs".

Actually I never played a Ravnos deck so I'm certainely a little bit off but in a deck packing SD, I don't think deep sond would be a thing. I mean : first you need SDs, then you need a mean to pass à no-stealth action so stealth cards and then, you need some mean to pay for your SDs. So I d'ont think aggresive combat would be a thing in your deck building. So now, what is deep song ? it is a computer hacking your tumninos and other weenie :CHI: can't play.

I guess the real ousting power for an heavy SD deck would be to pack 5/8 tumni et 2 WoN.

It is just that I find the idea I propose to be a new way of doing thing (and somehow I find it kinda fun ^^)
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