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Okay I thought about it and agree with the change.

Let's say your prey has a Deflection in hand and a Deflection in the ash heap. You play Exhume Secrets on the Deflection. He chooses to pay 3 pool to keep his Deflection, but because the original stays in the ash heap, he pays for every Exhume Secrets you play!

Change it around to this:
:aus::nec:: (D) Remove a library card in any methuselah's ash heap from the game. That methuselah burns 1 pool unless he or she discards a copy of the chosen card.
:AUS::NEC:: As :aus::nec: above, but the methuselah burns 3 pool.

and your prey can end the cycle the first time he chooses to pay instead of discard (say, because he thinks you will bleed for 6 if he discards it). No more Exhume Secrets fodder goes into the ash heap. This change also gets around the problem of spamming it on unique cards that was brought up above.


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