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Hunting while (near) empty can lead to disaster against intercept.. Again, I'm looking for reliability in blood economy. I don't know how things are over there but here there is a decent amount of intercept floating around.

We are combat heavy and there is usually at least one intercept deck at every table. At my last table, every single player at the table had intercept. However, I think you are completely missing the point. For a combat deck, getting into combat is generally going to cost me a card. If I hunt and someone blocks me... I usually thank them because they just saved me a card. Actions that don't cost me a card (or a master phase action) are extremely powerful effect for combat decks. Arguably, the most powerful effect they can have.

Not counting dragonbound, I feel that too many wincon cards are masters in combat decks.. Making deck construction challenging. Maybe we should pay attention to non-master victory conditions for midcap combat decks.. Or untapping after rushes if you consider being "action negative" a problem.

I agree. Master dependency is a real problem for combat decks. Too many decks are dependent on Fame. There are some options for deck construction to minimize this problem, but not every clan can compensate. Having access to low blood cost combat cards like Animalism is a huge boon. Animalism also has the benefit of dealing with action negative cards by providing cheap unlock and intercept options. See Target Vitals for another powerful combat card without blood cost.

Intercept decks in particular work well with the idea that blocking an opposing minion is often action positive by saving you a minion phase action as long as it furthers your game plan of ousting your prey, such as with Smiling Jack (another Master).
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