file Submission: Sneaky-Peaky (!Nosferatu Retainer)

03 May 2018 08:55 #86400 by Pascal Bertrand
First and foremost, I know, you don't like the name.
But I find it appropriate. So here it goes :

Name: Sneaky-Peaky
Type: Retainer
Requirement: !Nosferatu
Cost: 1 pool
Human retainer with 1 life.
When the !Nosferatu with this retainer successfully bleeds a Methuselah, you can look at that Methuselah's hand.
Flavour text: An army without spies is like a man without ears of eyes. Chia Lin
Artwork: In a room, a very slim person, bald and dressed in rags, is watching CCTV screens while security operators lie on the floor, apparently smashed by a muscular, covered by pustules form, that still has blood on their fists.
Motivation: Giving the !Nossies some extra help when bleeding. I think this card also makes "weak" vampires stronger as long as they have Obfuscate (I'm sorry, I can't find a link to Mike Ooi's video...)
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03 May 2018 12:03 #86403 by Kraus
He should be 'mortal' instead of 'human'.

He is really under powered. Checking your predator's hand is good, but not worth the action, card slot and 1 pool. This does not exactly give !Nos any more bleed power, just utility power.

Owl Companion is free and works when you do what Nosferatu are better at than bleeding: combat. Unless you do Dominate, there is no compelling game need for this card.

What do you do exactly want to accomplish with this card? Your 'motivation' text does not exactly make it clear. Should it combo with something? Is it just simple utility? What kind of a deck should it be useful in?

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03 May 2018 12:38 - 03 May 2018 12:41 #86407 by Bloodartist
I've been thinking that !nos would actually be pretty good at bleeding, if they could get +bleed from somewhere that isn't an action and would cost as few actions as possible. This is because of vermin channel that begs to build a deck around it. In this hypothetical deck this retainer might be an inclusion if we upgrade it somehow.

- make it free to play
- add an ability: This vampire may burn this card to end combat as a strike.

The latter is what might make this worthwhile, especially if it retains its non-uniqueness. The aforementioned !nos bleed deck would consist of pretty small minions to take advantage of vermin channel (which requires no disciplines), so a way to avoid combat would be useful since deck wouldn't have much combat otherwise.

If we would want to improve it further, we could take away the action and make it an action modifier playable when you succesfully bleed your prey; it would be put on the vampire in question and would have the same abilities (without being a retainer).

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Last edit: 03 May 2018 12:41 by Bloodartist.

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03 May 2018 17:01 #86418 by BenPeal
I'm trying to decide which bottle of scotch it would take to get me to publish a card named "Sneaky-Peaky".

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