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14 Nov 2019 19:48 #97818 by elotar
Replied by elotar on topic Trenchcoats and Katanas
The problems I see in melee weapon combat (which I'm trying to solve with T&K).

1. Melee weapons are overcosted. So here is -1 Pool effect
2. There are problems when you got Concealed and no weapon so your hand is clogged. So you can play trench without weapon and you burn it so you can play other copy later.
3. You are accumulating hits at close range. So first strike - opponents with 1 blood/2 life do not hit back.

Also the whole idea of equipping with a weapon directly during combat makes whole this activity just alternative combat mechanic. IMO more interesting it may be if you need to take action for it even if it's a "trifle action" (after which you unlock).

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16 Nov 2019 04:50 #97834 by ReverendRevolver

Now, we can talk about for example why are melee weapons bad compared to ranged weapons.

That one is easy. Melee weapons are bad for the same reason that :pot: is bad and that WWS only see play with :for: : combat decks need to survive combat too, and when you fight at close range you get hit back. The Bundi template was a good start, too bad the card got ruined by having the prevent work only on other melee weapons.

In VTM bullets did bashing to vamps whereas stabby things did lethal. Without different damage types, theres less reason to favor a melee weapon, where you get hit too, over guns, where you aren't going to take damage each round.

Adding to the idea of a fix for melee, there was the :cel: extra dodge in VTM, and fighting finesse in VTR.

Maybe a generic combat card with a DNR like Roll, where it let's you pick it back up. Only usable when striking with a melee weapon, prevent 1 damage from opposing minion strike, with optional press to continue.

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16 Nov 2019 18:38 #97837 by LivesByProxy
You know, I look at Haymaker and think, this wouldn't be trash if it let you hit the opponent so hard they lost their strike that turn. Would be an interesting combat card at least.

Also if 2 Pool = 1 Manuever & Strike: 2 Ranged Damage, permanently, then it isn't unreasonable for a melee weapon (like a Katana) to cost 2 Pool = "Strike: Dodge, with an additional Strike" & Strike: 2 Damage, is it?

But I guess Fast Strike (First Strike?) is almost as good. More counterplay that way.

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