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03 Mar 2011 22:14 #2052 by brandonsantacruz

In fact, I like this card a lot, and am waiting for the first deck that makes abuse of it with weenie-tech for the win! ;)

I used it in our local storyline, where we got to start with a master in play, to do some serious presence ass whoopin.

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04 Mar 2011 13:53 #2066 by bakija

Share your thoughts on this. I reinforce that I have no problem with the card per-se and have used it on occasion in my decks. It's just that it seems to me like the card could be re-balanced for an extremely low opportunity cost and that designer-intent has gotten the better of balance due to the circumstances.

Lilith's Blessing is a strong card. But it costs a pool, takes an MPA to use, can only be used once per vampire, and the vampire in question needs to have zero blood during your Master Phase to use it.

Yeah, none of these are impossible to set up, but they aren't insignificant factors. You have to pay a pool to put it into play, and then don't get to use it (most of the time) until your next turn (which means it is something you can't really often afford to cycle late in the game as you might be dead before you get to benefit from it). That you need to use an MPA to make it work means you aren't playing other important master cards instead. You need to have a zero blood vampire during your master phase, which means either getting run out of blood by blocking or playing another card (Villein is the obvious choice). This is not a remotely insignificant list of hurdles to overcome to make the card pay off. And then you can only use it once per guy.

Compare this to, say, The Coven, which is a trifle, gives blood immediately to anyone you have in play, and is free. Yeah, it moves and helps other folks, but still it is very effective, relative to Lilith's Blessing.

Lilith's Blessing is certainly a good card under the right circumstances. It is hardly destroying games. And is less effective for getting blood back on your guys than, say, Voter Cap or Taste of Vitae.

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