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Black Chantry Productions and VEKN News and Info

Since Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (VTES) was discontinued in 2010, Vampire: Elder Kindred Network (VEKN), the official players' organisation, has taken the responsibility of promoting this extraordinary card game in order to keep it alive and thriving with the intent of finding a suitable publisher for it.

Toward that end, a board of directors (also known as the Inner Circle) was then created to mimic to some extent the previous one led by White Wolf. Thus, positions such as VEKN Chairman, Design Team Leader, Rules Director, Ratings Coordinator, etc. came to be in the hands of volunteers.

Now that VTES has returned to print by the hands of Black Chantry Productions, Ginés Quiñonero (VEKN Chairman) has proposed that those leading positions within VEKN revert to the company in charge of producing VTES, and Black Chantry Productions has accepted that proposal. It will be much like it was with Steve and Stewart Wieck when the previous incarnation of White Wolf published the game.

Therefore the VEKN Inner Circle will be reorganised and simplified so that it is only formed by non-volunteer positions that are deemed essential for the proper functioning of VEKN. Such positions and their holders will be:

VEKN Chairman: Hugh Angseesing
Rules Director and Ratings Coordinator: Vincent Ripoll
Community Manager: Henrik Klippström
Website Coordinator: Ginés Quiñonero
Organised Play Coordinator: VACANT - with VTES being back in print, this job will have different requirements and resposibilities from the previous VEKN one. Consequently Black Chantry Productions is looking for an Organised Play Coordinator who will be in charge of helping retailers and Princes (mainly in Europe and North America) run events and getting items out to them, recording those events and advertising them; shipping/storage/central distribution (someone to work with distribution and retailers to get products into and staying in stores); and Kickstarter fulfillment.

The VEKN positions of Vice Chairman, Counselor and Chairman Emeritus will cease to exist, and the Design Team Leader position will be moved from VEKN to Black Chantry Productions.

At Black Chantry, VTES will continue to be developed and maintained by people who are long-time players and supporters of the game, and who are also in constant touch with the player base. Accordingly, players will continue to have a direct line to the people making the decisions. Everyone, whether they are National Coordinators or casual players, can have a suggestion or opinion that Black Chantry Productions may adopt.


Q. What is the VEKN?
A. Vampire: Elder Kindred Network, or VEKN, is the name of the official players' organization. Founded in 1997 by Robert Goudie, its two-fold mission was to support the game in the absence of corporate support and to encourage its owners to actively support the game again. The VEKN website can be found here: www.vekn.net/

Q. What is the VEKN Inner Circle?
A. Another name for the people who put a good portion of their waking hours supporting the VTES community. There's not really any special powers or prizes that come with it. They just work hard because they love the game. Their job responsibilities are similar to that of the princes, serving the community, though their area of service is usually pretty specific and may involve committing many hours of their time each week.

Q. What is to become of National Coordinators and Princes?
A. National Coordinators will keep all their current duties, with the only exception of electing the VEKN Chairman. For a description of their duties, please click here: www.vekn.net/vampire-elder-kindred-network/what-is-a-national-coordinator
Princes will likewise keep all their current duties. For a description of their duties, please click here: www.vekn.net/vampire-elder-kindred-network/what-is-a-prince

Q. How can players give their feedback to Black Chantry Productions?
A. Via Facebook, Twitter or email, as detailed here: www.blackchantry.com/contact/
Or via the VEKN forum: www.vekn.net/forum/index

Q. How can I apply for the Organised Play Coordinator job?
A. Send your application to Hugh Angseesing, BCP CEO: hugh.angseesing (at) blackchantry (dot) com
This is likely to require you to have or be able to set a company up to enable payment.
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07 Aug 2018 17:50 #89780 by Squidalot
Some additional notes on role(s):

Organised Play:
looking for someone who can work with retailers - get them supporting the game
- Entering results for them
- arranging events (remotely)
- adding new players/princes etc
- supporting retailers/princes withe vents if needed
- being in charge of prize support/some budgeting with this

May want to merge in:
- talking to retailers/distributors on stocking game
- working out what stock is going to be needed reprinted when
- looking after stock
- place to store stock secruely

Helpful if have a company (for payment)
European based likely to be a plus due to where items being printed
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