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As a tangent:

I have played one Infernal Pursuit. After I play the Concealed Weapon and I replace two cards. Can I discard the equipment I chose for my Concealed Weapon?


If yes, can I discard the specific card I chose and avoid playing another, say, .44 Magnum from my hand.

No, you have to fulfill the effect (eg. playing a .44 Magnum) if able.

This card would share the same name as the card I chose for my concealed, but not be the same exact card.

It doesn't matter. Same link as above.

Obviously this would be same question as: do I chose a specific card or do I chose a card name to Conceal?

By name. Same link as above.

If yes to the first question, would this mirror the ruling on fizzled actions that I should pay the cost even when the effect fails. Would I pay the pool for the weapon even if the Concealed Weapon fails to play a weapon?

No. You pay the cost of the "Concealed Weapon" card (which is 0 most of the time, but you may consider Chiram's Hold for inscreasing the cost of that card). Then the card fails to find the .44 Magnum, therefore you don't equip it and you don't pay for it.

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22 Oct 2012 20:38 #39664 by Pascal Bertrand
Correct answers from Ankha.

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