file Unsuccesful Block of Banishment after forced awakening

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Choose a ready younger vampire. Successful referendum means the chosen vampire is moved to the uncontrolled region (breaking any temporary control effects); any cards and counters on the chosen vampire stay with them but are out of play as long as the chosen vampire remains uncontrolled.

Forced Awakening
Only usable by a locked vampire.
This vampire wakes (they ignore the requirement to be unlocked for playing reaction cards and attempting to block until the end of the action). If they do not block this action, they burn 1 blood before action resolution.

if a vampire that waked via Forced Awakening and unsucesfully tried to block a banishment, and is then declared the target of the Banishment (and the vote is sucessful), do they burn a blood before they are banished?

If the action is not blocked, |*| then it resolves successfully.
The vampire burns 1 blood when everyone has declined to block, before resolving the action (marked as |*| above).
Resolving a political action means (6.3.2. The Referendum): choosing the terms (if any), polling, and resolving the referendum.

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