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01 Jul 2022 06:15 #105605 by pallando

Can CrimethInc. be played after the successful resolution of an action that requires a baron, e.g. Open War?
I understand that every baron is an anarch. I guess it is a question of logic vs. exact card text.

Card texts:
Requires an Anarch. Only usable after resolution of a successful action requiring an Anarch or making this vampire Anarch.
pro Unlock this Anarch.
qui Unlock another ready Anarch.
tha Put this card in play. During your minion phase, you can burn 1 pool to unlock a ready Anarch you control.

Open War
+1 stealth action. Requires a baron.
Put this card in play. Anarch vampires can enter combat with any minion as a Ⓓ action. They can burn a location as a Ⓓ action that costs 2 pool. Any Methuselah may use a master phase action to move 1 counter from his or her pool to this card. When this card has 4 pool, burn it and gain 4 pool. Only one Open War may be played in a game.

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01 Jul 2022 06:42 #105606 by emime
Yes, cards requiring a Baron count as cards requiring an Anarch, already answered e.g. here .

Emiliano "Sans Terre" - Wandering Player - Prince of Brussels

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