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20 Feb 2024 09:55 #110741 by Kilrauko

I don't understand why if Mata Hari is emulating being an Anarch (i.e. belonging to the Anarch Sect), and she is Red List, that the ruling is that this card may not be played on her as she fulfils the requirements.

Because card text.

Compare the three following cards and their texts and notice where there is "requires" and where it is not.
Name: Adhocracy
Cardtype: Action Modifier
Discipline: Animalism/Chimerstry/Potence
Requires an Anarch.
[ani] Only usable during a bleed action. +1 bleed (limited).
[chi] Only usable during the polling step of a political action. This Anarch gets +3 votes.
[pot] If this Anarch is blocked, they get +1 strength during the resulting combat.
Artist: Ginés Quiñonero
Name: Infamous Insurgent
[Promo-20100510, POD:DTC]
Cardtype: Master
Put this card on a Red List Anarch vampire. This vampire is infernal, Bahari, and gets +2 votes. During this vampire's minion phase, their controller can unlock a ready Anarch they control.
Artist: Erica Danell
Name: Mata Hari
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Ravnos
Group: 4
Capacity: 7
Discipline: aus for qui CHI OBF
Independent. 2 votes (titled): You and Mata Hari can play cards requiring a sect and/or clan as if she were of that required sect and/or clan. Red List.
Artist: Steve Prescott

Trust in Jan Pieterzoon.

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