file NRA Rules VS Rushing marked Red List minions

22 Dec 2022 15:40 - 22 Dec 2022 15:41 #107093 by Rémi
Dear all,

May a vampire use more than once per turn the rushing action granted by marking a Red List minion as a master phae action?

Thanks in advance,

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22 Dec 2022 16:53 #107094 by Palamedes
Rulebook says:

Red List: Any Methuselah may use a master phase action to mark a Red List minion for the current turn. Any ready vampire they control may enter combat with a marked Red List minion as a +1 stealth {} action that costs 1 blood. Each vampire can perform this action only once each turn. If a vampire burns a Red List minion in combat or as a directed action (including diablerie), their controller may search their library, ash heap, and/or hand for a master trophy card to put on that vampire and then reshuffle their library or draw back up to her hand size as necessary. Other trophies in play that have not been awarded yet may be moved to this vampire as well, as the controller of each trophy wishes. This is done before the blood hunt referendum is called, if any.
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