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02 Apr 2024 06:30 - 02 Apr 2024 06:35 #111069 by Ankha

It's strange because the wording on the card does not say you have the option to back out. Only say that you MUST TO.

But attempts to block are optional, but you usually can't back out of a second tradition domain attempt to block. So why can you now back out?

"must do X TO do Y" is a cost for an effect, which leaves the player the choice to pay or not.
It's different from "vampires attempting to block must burn 1 blood" (or "burn 1 blood" for that matter, "must" being redundant) for instance which wouldn't be a cost but an effect.

Also, the condition to attempt to block is not met anymore as soon as Tenebrous Form is played, and as long as the blocking minion has not paid.
That's why the blocking minion isn't attempting to block anymore if they don't pay that blood "to attempt to block" (again).

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02 Apr 2024 12:11 #111079 by DavidR
If you unlock and attempt to block (paying one blood for 2nd tradition) and the gorgeous lasombra bleeding already have 2 stealth and play tenebrous, going to 3 stealth you are not forced to pay the blood to tenebrous, you can give up and submit you fate to the shadows of nigth, it´s inevitable

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03 Apr 2024 17:05 - 03 Apr 2024 17:48 #111095 by Charles_Bronson
I think i'm understanding it now. But now I have another question:

The filthy lasombra bleeds. Arika tries to block. He then plays tenebrous form.
Can the betrayer queen anne plays a second tradition to untap, choose not to play the blood from tenebrous from and then play a deflection?


Oh, you already answered me. I must be able to play the blood to be able to play the second tradition. Thanks Ankha

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