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24 Nov 2021 20:23 #103981 by Dandrillermiller
Hi thank you very much for all the effort. I have a suggestion for a new feature unless it's something that I've missed which is to be able to search for two separate words on a card

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25 Nov 2021 09:36 #103987 by smeeag
Search by card text is powered by Regular Expressions (particularly Python implementation, but it's mostly universal) and will search for correct pattern.

Examples (excluding doublequotes):
1) "minion.*strike" will search for any appearance of "minion" followed by anything (even nothing or several sentenses) followed by "strike".
2) "add . blood" will search for any appearance of "add X blood" (where X is a single symbol, so can be "X", "0", "5" but not "10").

Short intruduction is here in sections "Basic Patterns" and "Repetition" (should be enough for 95% cases): developers.google.com/edu/python/regular-expressions
More information: docs.python.org/3/howto/regex.html

I know it's not very user-friendly, but it requires very small maintenance from my side and still let users to do very complicated searches.
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25 Nov 2021 16:44 #103994 by Vaughnad
Hey there smeeag, a friend of mine just showed me your project, i helped Syd with the FELDB coding sometimes and was planning with him on building a new online version of it, after he passed away i started the project alone on my free time, it still on a very early stage, just coding functionalities and raw ui for now

I've liked your project and some of your approaches on the ui, i'm also using react, but i'm trying to avoid any backend processing (no backend so far), to maybe be able to have a offline version latter on, i'm also building my project to have a FELDB feel but also to have a better user experience and to be customizable.

I'm not putting it available for now, at least until i have at least a half decent ui, but if you want i can show you and share my future plans and ideias so we can improve both our project ^^

Keep up the good work ^^

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26 Nov 2021 06:14 #103997 by smeeag
Hi Vaughnad,
Thanks for the kind words!

You decision to avoid backend (at least where it's possible) is right, the reason VDB uses backend for searches (at least for cards) is that I started it from VTES-DB which was fully server-side-rendered python/flask website with working search code which I can reuse without rewrite. I realize at some point it should be moved to the browser, but it hangs in the TODO for months already and there are still features/fixes that I consider more important before this transition :)
However, people use more than one device nowadays and want to have their data synced, so at some point you'll want to store it (decks, inventories) somewhere outside the client browser (at least in addition to local storage, to have good offline performance and sync it from time to time)

I wish you good luck with the project and don't hesitate to use any ideas (or code, or whatever you need) from VDB, and if you have any questions / need support - dont hesitate to reach me (but keep in mind I'm not a professional developer and VTES-DB/VDB are my first and only developer experience, so take my code advices with fair grain of salt).

Once you ready to show I'm glad to take a look (my contacts are or telegram: @smeea or discord Smeea#3259).
You can also join official VTES discord server (discord.gg/ZKCPRWmz), there is (private, ask for invitation once you join) Developers channel there to discuss things and got feedback from other developers around VTES (KRCG, Lackey plugin, Bloodlibrary and other nice projects).

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26 Nov 2021 20:12 - 26 Nov 2021 20:13 #104015 by Vaughnad
Thanks very much,

Man hear my words, i'm a professional with 20 year of programming exp, and for you first project you are NAILING IT, i could give some user experiences advices for one or two items, but apart from that everthing is great and just he fact you already thinking into going for the local storage and sync latter on (that is what i did so far xD) your right on it ^^
Also i was looking more at some items you have there like the TWD search and details with updated rullings, just awesome.

I joined the VTES channel and added you on Discord so we can chat latter ^^
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01 Dec 2021 10:52 #104077 by smeeag
Another update:
Add new V5 (Anarchs) precons
Add Recent decks to Deck selection, will store last 10 decks (shared by url or twd) you have seen (to quickly come back to deck-friend-shared-last-week) - do not sync between devices (stored locally in your browser)
Import Versions (called Revisions in VDB) when importing deck from Amaranth
Add Changelog page
Add additional (type "YES") confirmation to delete Inventory and Decks with revisions (not to accidentally remove full deck missclicking Delete Revision)
Various small other fixes and improvements
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