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27 Feb 2021 09:55 - 27 Feb 2021 09:55 #101730 by Ankha

More smaller errors:

Inevitability of the Void is listed as [aus]/[nec] but should ne [aus]+[nec]


About that, it's not VDB's fault, it's an error in the official VEKN CSV: 6 cards are listed as "multi discipline" instead of "combo" ("A/B" instead of "A & B" in the discipline column):
  • Dark Steel
  • Esprit de Corps
  • Inevitability of the Void
  • Instantaneous Transformation
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Show of Force

Fixed, I'll publish a new version soon containing also the POD changes.

Prince of Paris, France
Ratings Coordinator, Rules Director
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28 Feb 2021 06:02 #101733 by Hobbesgoblin
Used VDB first time on my tablet and encountered several problems:
  • The deck is on top of the search. While there is "hide deck" button, it is quite hidden. I'd suggest to only show the deck if in "Add-To-Deck" mode do begin with
  • The search results are above the search bar, wich is quite confusing. M suffestions would be to make a xollapsible box for all tilter options, and show the search results below the search bar and filters
  • a specifig problem for Stylus tablets: ma Tablet has a curser at the point where the stylus is hovering. This can triger the "mosue over prewview" of cards, wich then appears besides the resultbox, wich in turn can resize the whole page. Also sometiems it happens, that the site ges stuck where every fraction of second the preview box gets loaded and unladed continously resizing the page, wich is highly irritating. My sugegstions ould simply be to disable the hover preview on mobile.

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28 Feb 2021 12:09 - 28 Feb 2021 17:02 #101734 by smeeag
Another update:
- Added quick card view page (vdb.smeea.casa/cards) where you can quick check the card by it's name.
- Show all search results in Crypt/Library in Inventory-mode, but added option to hide results not in inventory;
- Improved search by Precons (there is still some issues with First Print / Only In searches for reprinted bundles (HttB, KoT and Anthlogy);
- Improved TWD Capacity search speed and it uses 4 brackets (like for Groups). Anarch Convert is excluded from Capacity calculation.
- Fixed Inventory 'Show only problem cards' bug;
- Fixed Lackey export;
- Small other barely noticable fixes/improvements (thanks all for reports);

VDB is not yet optimized for Tablet. This is on the roadmap though.

I don't rely on donations (otherwise more convenient ways except BTC would be provided), so don't worry.
Best contribution to VDB future is to use it, report the bugs, gives proposals.
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28 Feb 2021 14:01 #101735 by Facilier
Hmm... that makes it more difficult. Gonna have to arrange sone whiskey at a common event to come, of something more interesting.

For now, just thanks for all the work!

NC, Ireland

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01 Mar 2021 09:09 #101744 by Hobbesgoblin
When searching for an advanced vampire in the new "cards" fucntion, the picture is the base vampire, while the text is the (correct) advanced version

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06 Mar 2021 20:00 - 08 Mar 2021 07:34 #101781 by smeeag
Another update:
Added new feature - deck revisions
- Added rulings from krcg (many more rulings with links to origin) - many thanks to @lip who is doing great job maintaining rulings archive
- Card text updated to 2021-03-06
- TWD decks updated;
- Many bug fixes (thanks all for feedback, it's invaluable!)

Deck revisions description:
For each your deck it's possible to create 'revisions', which are decks hidden from main deck select box, but can be selected from revision selection box (will spawn next to deck selection box after you create first revision).
Revisions share author/name between each other, but cards/descriptions are different.
Each revision has it's unique url and you can share them separately from each other (without giving access to other revisions of the deck).
Deleting of the deck delete all revisions.
Cloning from revision create separate deck (which can has its own revisions, of course), same as cloning any other deck.
Inventory status for each revision is different and has impact on calculation of required cards, you have to manage it by yourself for now (i.e. let unused revisions have virtual (@) status and only set 'main' to required inventory status). Later I'll figure out how to optimize it.
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