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12 Jun 2021 13:31 - 12 Jun 2021 13:38 #102469 by smeeag
Another (mostly bug-fixes) update:
- Restyled deck preview in advanced deck select window (popup deck is downscaled, don't show buttons, triggered by hover on smaller icon)
- Default deck revision is updated to last edited revision
- Improved add deck to inventory window (in the spirit of advanced deck select). In the future it will be even better, I know there are many things to improve :)
- Fix add new card to inventory to show card quantity (was broken in one of recent updates);
- Fix add card to deck which is in side-crypt/library to actually add it with quantity to 1 (instead of not doing anything)
- Some other fixes

Thanks everybody for suggestions!

P.S. Next two weeks I will spend mountain hiking in Kazakhstan, so don't expect any updates and don't worry I'm offline.
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20 Jun 2021 10:47 #102519 by smeeag
Another update:
- Added inventory import from preconstructed decks
- Inventory import from deck/precon buttons now show if it's already in inventory (and delete button disabled if you don't have it). Keep in mind you can still add deck/precon two+ times, which will double+ quantity.
- Added twd search by exclusions of crypt/library cards (set quantity to 0 and it will only look for decks without this card)
- Fixed promo dates for cards being promo for more than 1 time (previously only recent promo date was shown)
- Fixed important bug with revisions which resulted in decks being broken for some users.
It should be fixed now with everything restored, but if you lost something important - let me know and I'll try to help.
- Other small fixes

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01 Jul 2021 22:59 - 02 Jul 2021 00:50 #102615 by Hobbesgoblin
First of: I find it really great how much you work on the tool!

secondly: I have a feature suggestion, I came across while talking with some players in my "local" lackey group:
It came up when talking about vdb, that it would/could be useful to combine several filters from the same category with one another, ideally with a switchable and/or button. This would be probably most useful for disciplines in library cards (like looking at all combat cards that a certain vampire could play, isntead of switching the disciplines)  Or for looking at several clans oat once, i.E. a clan and their antitribus.

Also a couple of things that I noticed: +1 bleed trait also finds +2 bleed vampires, same with +1 strength. Maybe this is intended, but I just notoiced.

And I think it could be useful to have filters like "Any titled" and "any <sect> title", or to tag those cards for any applicable title so their are found as cards that theese titles fulfill the requirements, without being explicitly listed.
Affected cards I found would be:
Card List
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05 Jul 2021 20:48 - 05 Jul 2021 21:02 #102640 by smeeag
Another update:
- Add multiple selections for clan, sect, types, title filters in Crypt and Library (see Hobbesgoblin post above). Now work as "OR", maybe one day will be OR/AND toggle.
- Add not-in-twd filter for Crypt and Library
- Add "show random card" buttons to Cards (quick card ⚡)
- Add titled and non-titled options for title filter in Library (see Hobbesgoblin post above)
- Small fixes

+1 str/bleed returning +2 str/bleed vampires is intentional, think if it as ">= +1 str" (it's just too long to name it like this). My assumption is if you want +1 str you will be satisfied by +2 str also (but not reverse, so because filters work as AND logic checking +1 and +2 str will only return +2 str vampires).
Last edit: 05 Jul 2021 21:02 by smeeag.
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09 Jul 2021 21:54 #102657 by smeeag
Another small update (some quality of life fixes):
- Show blood/pool cost of ash heap in draw
- Add -1 hand size for crypt/library in draw
- Autoswitch to newly imported deck
- After opening TWD deck deck selection category to be defaulted as "my" instead of "precons"
- Mobile burger menu (top-left corner) to hide after any option selected

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10 Jul 2021 01:00 #102658 by Hobbesgoblin
Mouseover card images at the very bottom of a page (a deck for example) are partialyl outside of the frame. not the biggest bug ever, but a slight inconvienence.

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