Fellow V:TES Enthusiasts,

There are two major announcements you should be aware of. Both of these are coming from the National Coordinator and Inner Circle meeting during the EC in Stockholm.

The European Championship 2014 will take place in Mannheim, Germany. The date will be end of September or early October, the final date will be coming through in a couple of days. It will be organized by Andreas Nusser and me, we will try to make this as exceptional as possible to celebrate the 20th anniversary of V:TES and the 10th anniversary of the EC in Germany.

We also had to vote on the V:EKN Chairman position. I myself was not available, I decided to step down as a V:EKN Chairman to be able to concentrate on the EC2014 organziation and also to make room for some fresh thoughts. I will of course still dedicate myself to supporting the V:EKN wherever I can. The only candidate, Ginés Quiñonero Santiago, was chosen by unanimous vote. I am very confident that Ginés will be an excellent Chairman and I am looking forward to the new initiatives and changes he will bring to you.

Thank you for the great time and see you at the tables

Johannes Walch
former V:EKN Chairman