Here is the list of judges who have been accredited by the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network:




Valid from
Valid until

1. Vincent Ripoll 3200188 France 26/03/2023 26/03/2026
2. Hugh Angseesing 8180022 United Kingdom 26/03/2023 26/03/2026
3. Ginés Quiñonero 3190007 Spain 26/03/2023 26/03/2026
4. Arnau Díez 4200005 Spain 26/03/2023 26/03/2026
5. Javier Naranjo 8530107 Spain 26/03/2023 26/03/2026
6. Darío Canto 2340000 Spain 26/03/2023 26/03/2026
7. Guillermo Mondragón 6260014 Spain 26/03/2023 26/03/2026
8. Javier Valdés 1940030 Spain 26/03/2023 26/03/2026
9. Aitor Jiménez 100373 Spain 29/04/2023 29/04/2026

The judges featured on the list have successfully passed the relevant exam. The period of judge accreditation is valid for three years, or until the release of a new rulebook, whichever comes first.

Upon completion of this term, accreditation is automatically renewed provided the judge continues to judge and/or to play at VEKN-sanctioned tournament events at a regularity of no less than 60 days.

At present, the sole means of accreditation as a judge is through participation in one of the announced exams. However, we are actively working towards expanding this system globally.

The upcoming examination locations and dates for VEKN judge accreditation are:


Event date



Registration deadline

European Championship 14-15/10/2023 Barcelona Spain 7 days before the event

 If you're interested in taking the judge examination, please contact the coordinator of the Judge Program.