The All High, a legendary Gangrel elder, is missing. An army of monsters has descended from the mountains of Norway and Sweden intent on wreaking havoc upon the World, upsetting the ages-old conflict between sleeping Methuselahs.


Ragnarök, The Final Battle is a constructed V:TES Storyline event designed for the 2013 VTES European Championship.

Except as noted in these instructions, each Storyline game will follow the VEKN Constructed Tournament rules for card play and deck construction. Each Storyline game will be timed to a maximum duration of 2 hours.

At least 75% (e.g. 9 out of 12) of the vampires in the player's crypt must belong to the same clan. In addition to the standard list of VEKN banned cards, Recalled to the Founder (Event) is banned from play.

Any single V:TES game played with 4-5 players using Storyline legal decks between 00:00 Monday 30th September and 00:00 Tuesday 31st October anywhere in the world that uses the described game modifications may contribute towards the Ragnarök Storyline and have its results submitted.

The pack provided in support of the Ragnarök Storyline includes several sheets of additional cards:

  • Adversary cards — monsters to fight during the game
  • Reward cards — prizes to be won during the game
  • An All-High vampire card
  • Optional Brunhilde Advanced and Valkyrie vampire cards which may be used in any player's crypt
  • An optional set of additional werewolf themed cards which may be used in any player's library

Before the game begins shuffle the Adversary cards and deal out 7 of each to form a deck, which is placed in the centre of the table. Do the same with the Reward cards. The 2 remaining cards from each set should be placed to one side without revealing them. Also place the All High vampire card in the centre of the table.

After each player has taken two turns the top card of each of the Adversary and Reward decks are revealed. Counters should be placed on the Adversary to represent its starting life. The text on the Adversary will take immediate effect.

Adversaries are immune to all card effects which target allies, and are also immune to all card effects which target minions controlled by other Methuselahs.

In each player's minion phase, any minion controlled by that player may take an undirected action to enter combat with the revealed Adversary. If its life is reduced to zero by combat damage it is burned and removed from the game.

The controller of acting minion that burned the Adversary takes the revealed Reward card and may place it on any minion he or she controls.

The next top card from each deck is then revealed. This sequence is repeated 7 times until there are no Adversary or Reward cards left on the table.

When the last Adversary is burned all players left in the game make an open bid for control of the All High using their pool, starting with the active player. The minimum bid is 1 pool. Players are not forced to bid if they do not wish to. The player that wins this bid moves the All High to his or her ready region with 0 blood, and play continues as normal. All of the pool bid by the winner is returned to the blood bank. The losers of the bid do not lose any pool.

An FAQ is included in the pack which should answer many common questions.

All players are recommended to download and print their own copies of the Storyline pack from the link below. Printed copies will be circulated at the EC but they will be limited in number - players are advised to bring their own copies if possible.


Mike Nudd, VEKN Storyline Coordinator