Rules Director and Ratings Coordinator
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Miscellaneous Information:

Year of birth: 1984
Occupation: Computer science engineer
Other games played: CCGs: NetRunner, Magic:TheGathering, WoW, Wakfu, Zoon/ZoonDo
Boardgames: Diplomacy, Battlestar Galactica, 7 Wonders, Agricola/Race for the Galaxy/Puerto Rico, Arkham Horror, Dominion, Pandemic, Smallworld, Settlers of Catan, Ra, ...
Fun games: Dicetown, Perudo, 6 Nimmt!, Bohnanza, Citadels, Bang, Dixit,  Kakerlaken Poker, Skull and Roses ...
Number of cards owned: Probably between 5.000 and 10.000 - maybe more..
Number of decks ready to play: Around 20
Play in: Nice, Paris, as many big events as I can
Other interests: Languages (used and not used any more). I learned Russian, some Spanish, ancient Greek. I love the logic that exists behind grammar, idiomatisms. I'm a huge fan of old dictionaries and encyclopaedia.
Most interesting incident that happened to me during a Continental Championship: Photobombing Internet Peter Pan. Happens only once in a lifetime.

Q1: How (and when) did you begin your career as a VTES-player? Who introduced you to the game? Where did you play originally?
R1: There was three of us in Britanny, and it was probably rainy that day. They opened CE starters and introduced me to the game. They didn't like Deflection in a 2-player game. I then joined the Paris group, where famous names learned me how to oust (I was serving as the sparring partner there): Kamel, Reyda, Johannes, Stéphane, Nikolaj, ..
Q2: Which of the Sets and Expansions to VTES is your favorite, and why is it your top choice?
R2: Jyhad/VTES. It's the base of the base, the cards are still playable after 16 years. And they work. I also really enjoy the artworks and the dark/goth atmosphere that we had on the cards back then.
Q3: What is your  favorite deck to play, and why?
R3: I'm currently having a lot of fun with an Epikasta Rigatos deck and a Rabbat with Mummies deck.
Q4: If you could add something to the game, what would it be?
R4: Provide the players with new interesting cards. And then, new players.
Q5: What do you do to help promote the game?
R5: I used to organize events in France (Paris), but I now serve as the French National Coordinator. Amongst the events I - and others - organized: the first Eurodraft 2008 and the European Championship 2010, both held in Paris. I am now the official Net.Rep for this game.
Q6: What is your favorite deck style for casual play / tournament play?
R6: For casual play, decks pulling a combo. Usually rather high-caps.
For tournament play, something toolboxy, with a solid defense (either intercept or anti-bleed stuff) and a reasonable amount of combat (permanents or combat cards). But if something fun turns out to have its chances at tournament level, I'll give it a try (Epikasta).
Q7: Is there a difference between your casual play and tournament play?
R7: In tournament play, I try to accelerate my play after 1 hour. I also try to offer deals that players would accept in tournament play (this 2.5-1 works quite well when time is running out and my predator has the solution to finish the game but can't oust me).
In casual/friendly games, I try to talk a lot less than in tournament games. No deals, no whining.