Carmen Cornet - 25th Anniv preview
Art by Carmen Cornet from the upcoming VTES 25th Anniversary product (see Black Chantry April Summary below).

Greetings fellow Methuselahs

Sometimes when I feel particularly kind I volunteer to train junior Methuselahs at my local Elysium gym. The most common question they have when it comes to hand-to-hand combat is “When do I extract my claws?”. My answer is of course “Whenever you feel like!”, but there are some common options. One is to show your claws very early in a battle, to maybe scare off your opponent [play Rötschreck if blocking], or to unharness some dammed creativity [play claws to draw into other cards]. Another very common option is to wait as long as possible, to avoid wasting energy on claw-sprouting in vain. So, I say “Wait until your fist is deep inside their gut!” [play claws in the “Resolve strikes” step, right before combat can be prevented]. And remember youngsters: Always target the vitals!

Grand Prix Iberia 2019 
36 players showed up in Lisbon, Portugal on April 27 for this month's installment in the European Grand Prix circuit. The final table looked like this:

GP Iberia 2019 final table

FBI Special Affairs Division and Smiling Jack was instrumental in giving Mariano Carbonero 3 victory points in the final, besting Orian Gisslers 2 victory points. Congratulations, Mariano!

The tournament winning deck:

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=5 max=10 avg=7.)
1x Nicomedes 5 aus for nec vic Harbinger of Skulls:4
1x Babalawo Alafin 7 ani AUS FOR NEC Harbinger of Skulls:4
2x Zygodat 6 pot AUS NEC Harbinger of Skulls:4
5x Erlik 10 AUS CEL FOR NEC THN Harbinger of Skulls:3
3x Erebus 7 dem AUS FOR NEC Harbinger of Skulls:3

Library: 88 cards
Master (21 cards)
1x Fear of Mekhet
1x Giant's Blood
1x Heidelberg Castle, Germany
4x Liquidation
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Perfectionist
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Rack, The
1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
1x Sudden Reversal
2x Vessel
3x Villein
1x Blood Doll
2x Dreams of the Sphinx

Action (1 cards)
1x Aranthebes, The Immortal

Action Modifier (12 cards)
2x Forced March
4x Freak Drive
2x Shroud Mastery
2x Inevitability of the Void
2x Call of the Hungry Dead

Action Modifier/Combat (4 cards)
4x Breath of Thanatos

Action Modifier/Reaction (2 cards)
2x Spectral Divination

Combat (8 cards)
2x Fake Out
2x Spiritual Intervention
2x Target Vitals
2x Blight

Ally (10 cards)
1x Ossian
8x Emerald Legionnaire
1x Carlton Van Wyk

Retainer (3 cards)
3x Vengeful Spirit

Equipment (5 cards)
1x Erebus Mask
1x Heart of Nizchetus
1x Sniper Rifle
1x Unlicensed Taxicab
1x Bowl of Convergence

Reaction (17 cards)
5x Eyes of Argus
2x Funeral Wake
1x My Enemy's Enemy
2x On the Qui Vive
5x Telepathic Misdirection
2x Delaying Tactics

Event (5 cards)
2x FBI Special Affairs Division
3x Unmasking, The

Check out the forum thread for a bit more details.
For more information on the European Grand Prix, check out the official VEG page at

Thanks to all attendants, the organizers and our sponsor Ultra Pro.

 Brazil 2019 finalists

The Brazil National Championship 2019 was played on April 20 in Fortaleza. 21 participants turned up, and after three ecstatic preliminary rounds, the five lucky and skilled finalists were these (also above):

Brazil 2019 final table

Congratulations Mailton Silva, who won with 3 victory points, Renato Torres got 2.

Mailton Silva 2019

Mailtons tournament winning deck: Resistência Anarch

Crypt (12):
4x Anarch Convert
1x Beetleman
1x Bobby Lemon
1x Celeste Lamontagne
1x Petra
3x Nana Buruku
1x Stick

Library (90):
Masters (26):
10x Anarch Revolt
1x Archon Investigation
1x The Anarch Free Press
1x The Parthenon
1x Giant´s Blood
2x Haven Uncovered
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Fame
1x Tension in the Ranks
1x Libertas
1x Poacher Hunting Ground
1x Sudden Reversal
2x Villein
2x Wider View

Actions (10):
8x Deep Song
2x Taunt the Caged Beast

Combat (44):
14x Aid from Bats
9x Carrion Crows
5x Target Vitals
4x Terror Frenzy
2x Canine Horde
5x Taste of Vitae
2x Groundfighting
3x Hell-for-Leather

Reactions (9):
5x Cat´s Guidance
2x On the Qui Vive
2x Wake with Evening´s Freshness

Events (1):
1x Narrow Minds

See also the related forum thread.

Thanks to all participants, and extra thanks to organizer Mauro Ramos and judge Fernando Carvalho.


VTES May 2019

We have some large events coming up this month - hopefully many of you can attend at least one of them!

• French National Championship in Décines-Charpieu May 12. Organizer: Mikael Lavallee. Facebook event: Championnat de France - VtES
• German National Championship in Bad Nauheim May 25. Organizer: Rudolf Scholz. Facebook event: German Nationals 2019

• Spanish National Championship in Barcelona May 25. Organizer: Ion Pérez.

• Grand Prix Poland AND Polish National Championship in Warsaw May 25-26. Organizer: Radoslaw Staszewski. Facebook event: Grand Prix & Polish Nationals

See also the V:EKN Event Calendar.

Still not decided on attending the European Championship in August? Just do it! We´ll have a blast! Now the friendly organizers have negotiated a great prize at a hotel close to the tournament venue. Please have a look at the Accomodation section of the official EC site.

May 2019 rules qRULES Q & A
VEKN Rules Director Vincent Ripoll answers some common questions related to recently reprinted cards:

Q: Unleash Hell's Fury attempts to block a vampire with superior Obtenebration. Can the vampire play Tenebrous Form at superior? If so, what happens?
A: Unleash Hell's Fury can block as if it were a 9-capacity infernal vampire. Tenebrous Form can be played at superior, and since the Unleash Hell's Fury cannot burn blood, it cannot attempt to block this action anymore.

Q: Do Carrion Crows do 1 less damage on Nephandus?
A: Nephandus reduces only the damage of "strike or damaging effect made by the opposing minion". The damage from Carrion Crows is not inflicted by the opposing minion -- it is "environmental". Therefore, Nephandus takes the full damage from the Carrion Crows!

Q: I played a Fame on one of my prey's vampire, and my prey gets ousted. What happens to the Fame?
A: As a general rule, master cards are controlled by the Methuselah who played them, and minion cards by the controller of the minion they are attached to. When your prey is ousted, all the cards your prey controls are removed from the game. Since you control the Fame, that card goes to your ash heap.

Q: Are cards removed from the game public?
A: Yes, as long as the player who owns them is not ousted. (You cannot have a peek at an ousted player's library !)

Q: A vampire with a Fame is in combat and receives enough aggravated damage to burn. Does the controller of the vampire burn 3 pool? 
A: The controller of the vampire burns 3 pool after it goes to torpor. Since the vampire is burned outright, it does not go to torpor, and its controller does not lose 3 pool.

Q: Is it possible to play Obedience if not unlocked?
A: Obedience is a reaction card. By default, reaction cards can only be played by unlocked ready minions. You would need to play a wake effect first, or find a way to unlock.

Q: Is it possible to play cards such as vote modifiers or a Delaying Tactics during a blood hunt referendum?
A: There are multiple ways for a blood hunt referendum to be called:
 1) it is called automatically after a diablerie
 2) it is explicitly called by a card (Abactor, Bernard the Scourge...)
A blood hunt referendum is handled just like any other referendum  — "blood hunt" only means that the effect of the referendum is to burn the minion it is called on, and some cards have interactions with that kind of referendum (Urban Jungle, Ariadne...) However, most of the time it results from a diablerie (case 1/). In that case, and only in that case, a special rule applies:
"When a vampire commits diablerie, a referendum is automatically conducted to determine if a blood hunt will be called on the diablerist. If the referendum passes, a blood hunt is called, and the diablerist is burned. This referendum is not an action, so it cannot be blocked, and action modifiers and reaction cards cannot be played. Otherwise, this referendum is handled just like any other. "

Q: Is it possible to play a Freak Drive at superior if a Mirror Walk at superior was played, and the action was blocked.
A: Mirror Walk ends the action before block resolution. Since the action is ended, it is no longer possible to play other action modifier cards (or effects) for that action.

Q: What is the "block resolution"?
A: If a minion is blocked, the block resolves by locking the blocking minion, and making the acting and blocking minion enter combat with each other. The "lock + enter combat" part is called the block resolution, and is atomic.
    Obedience is played "if this vampire is about to enter combat with an acting younger vampire" (that is, right before entering combat). If the "enter combat" is part of a block resolution (e.g., the vampire attempts to block and is about to be successful), the card is played and ends the action before the "lock + enter combat" block resolution: therefore, the blocking vampire is not locked.
    Change of Target is played "if this minion is blocked, before block resolution." Since Change of Target ends the action, the block resolution never happens. Therefore, the blocking minion is not locked for blocking. (It would require explicit card text such as Mirror Walk that says: "lock the blocking minion and end the action before block resolution").

Q: So one can now forget to use Perfectionist and The Rack, but can one still forget to use The Coven?
A: Perfectionist and The Rack now say: "you can..." which is an optional effect. The Coven, on the other side, has two effects: an optional one ("lock to add 2 blood...") and a mandatory effect ("During your discard phase, your predator takes control of The Coven."). The optional effect can be "forgotten". However, when you are about to end your discard, the impulse moves to your predator who must take control of the Coven. Therefore, your predator can get an unlocked Coven if you forgot to lock it.

Do you have rules questions? The best place to ask them is either in the forum (subsection Rules Questions) or in the VEKN Facebook group.

BCP logo


• Promo Pack 1 was release this month, a bundle of 56 crypt cards that can be awarded to players by event organizers and at stores. Read more at

Henrik of Black Chantry hosted demo games at Swedens largest gaming convention Gothcon in Gothenburg April 19-21. Many new and returning Methuselahs were embraced. Are you too interested in running VTES demo games? Drop a mail to , and the company will try to support you!

The first round of playtesting of the decks for the Camarilla-themed boxed set for late 2019 release is ending in mid May.

Black Chantry will release a 25th Anniversary product this summer. The art preview by Carmen Cornet found at the top of this newsletter will feature on a reprinted classic card in this product - maybe you can guess what card it is? More about this will be revealed soon, keep watch in Black Chantry channels. And read the interview with Carmen Cornet in a previous newsletter!

For more information about current projects and the future, see Ben Peal's product update in the March newsletter.

Products Feb 2019
Currently ten Black Chantry products are available through and other stores:
Lost Kindred bundle
- Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 1
- Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 2
- Heirs of the Blood Reprint Bundle 1
- Heirs of the Blood Reprint Bundle 2
- Den of Fiends Preconstructed Deck
- Libertine Ball Preconstructed Deck
- Pact with Nephandi
Preconstructed Deck
- Parliament of Shadows
Preconstructed Deck
- Anthology I bundle

Do you have opinions or questions for Black Chantry? Start a topic on the VEKN forum, or contact the company by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

After last months spectacular reveal of "Bloodlines 2", White Wolf has announced three new board game licenses:

• Legacy board game "Vampire: The Masquerade Heritage" is just ending a very successful Kickstarter - over 4,000 backers have pledged $380,000!

"Vampire: The Masquerade Blood Feud" is a Mega Board Game from Everything Epic that will hit Kickstarter in June.

• "Vampire: The Masquerade Chapters" is a legacy style, story-driven roleplaying board game by Flyos Games that willl be on Kickstarter in early 2020.

Additionally, licensee Crossroad Press is making all the Vampire: The Masquerade Clan Novels available in e-pub formats.

Upcoming events:
May 4: Bloody Tide - Mollina, Spain
May 4: Belgrade Vampires Tournament - Belgrade, Serbia
May 4: May the Fourth bleed with you - Pretoria, South Africa
May 5: Winter is Leaving - Mataró, Catalunya, Spain
May 5: Domingo de Shamblings 2019 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain
May 5: Fast Reaction: Columbus - Columbus, United States
May 11: New Blood - Vigo, Spain
May 11: 10th Hiekkaharju Nightmare - Vantaa, Finland
May 11: Forced Awakening Reykjavík - Reykjavik, Iceland
May 11: Blood feud - Quezon City, Philippines
May 11: Pandemonium! - Cape Town, South Africa
May 11: VTES at Sthlm Tabletop Game Expo 2019 - Stockholm. Sweden
May 12: Championnat de France 2019 - Décines-Charpieu, France
May 18: Fourth Tradition: The Accounting - Amadora, Portugal
May 18: Second Tradition - New Holland, United States
May 25: Enchant Kindred (German Nationals) - Bad Nauheim, Hessen, Germany
May 25: Spanish National 2019 - Barcelona, Spain
May 25: Fee stake: Santiago - Santiago, Chile
May 25: GP Poland - Warsaw, Poland
May 26: Polish Nationals 2019 - Warsaw, Poland
May 26: Spanish National Side Event: two-headed tournament - Barcelona, Spain

For more information on upcoming events see the V:EKN Event Calendar.

You can contact the V:EKN Inner Circle members using contact forms at Also follow the V:EKN Facebook group, the official V:TES Facebook page Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and the official V:EKN Twitter account @VEKN_VTES

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