Greetings fellow Methuselahs
It´s been a short month, so we settle for a short newsletter this time. Both Design Team and Rules Team work on with their stuff and have no statements, well, apart from the BIG ONE:

Earlier this month the complete list of the EC 2017 Anthology set was made public. Apart from ten World of Darkness Berlin-themed cards and many never before printed V:EKN-created cards, the set also includes a selection of much desired reprints, for example Enkil Cog, Eyes of Argus, Deep Song, Ashur Tablets and Monastery of Shadows. Read the full list in the original message here

Berlin-arrangers PDA and White Wolf are working on some kind of way to make the Anthology set a little less exclusive, so that players that can´t make it to the EC can get hold of the new cards sometime in the future. This is not finalized yet, but read what what has been said so far here.

The safest way to get hold of those Anthology sets within shortly is to go to the European Championships 2017, held at the World of Darkness Berlin event 11-14 May. Apart from shopping V:TES cards and playing V:TES tournaments, you can also participate in several LARPS and RPG scenarios, attend workshops, panels, parties and much more.

Right now we´re particulary excited about the latest trailer for the World of Darkness documentary that will premiere at the Berlin event:

Sign up for all this greatness at www.worldofdarkness.berlin


Ginés Quiñonero






















Ginés, apart from being an art teacher and the V:EKN chairman, you are also the artwork coordinator for new V:EKN cards AND a V:TES illustrator yourself. How do you find time for all this?

- Normally I have time for all that, because my duties as an art director and as an illustrator (which are the most time-consuming VEKN activities I carry out) usually happen during my summer and/or Easter holidays. 

However, for the last few months it has been impossible to balance my job, my VEKN duties and my life since the Anthology set project was green-lighted, because there was a lot to be done in a very short time. Therefore I chose to leave my life out of the equation for the time being in order to have enough time for both teaching and VEKN.

You illustrated some V:TES cards also under the “old” White Wolf period. How was the art direction back then? Has it changed in the V:EKN period?

- The way I see it, the main differenciating factor is the amount of time given to the illustrators to complete their pieces of artwork.

For obvious reasons, White Wolf could not give artists as much time as V:EKN can, because they had pressing deadlines to meet, whereas V:EKN has been providing the illustrators with more time than usual for doing the art for the PDF sets, thus allowing us to give our feedback (for as long as needed) on the submitted illustrations and suggest as many modifications as deemed necessary to improve the quality of the pieces until they met our standards.

In my opinion, this fact has made the overall quality of the artwork in the VEKN PDF sets better than that in many White Wolf sets.

Generally what artists are interesting for V:TES? And who is not appropriate?

- Those who are good at depicting arresting realistic and/or believable dark-themed scenes and portraits of the various creatures of the World of Darkness are in my opinion interesting for V:TES.

The artists I regard as less appropriate for V:TES are those who stray from that, and those who still have much to learn about human figure drawing.

We cannot discuss details about the future of V:TES, but “new” White Wolf have reviewed the art for the Anthology set. Do they have new guidelines that you can say something about?

- They have not shared their guidelines with us so far, but it appears to me that "new" White Wolf want to stick more closely than "old" White Wolf to the supernatural horror theme of V:TES.

And yes, we are always looking for artists for new cards - contact Ginés Quiñonero about that.

Upcoming events:

Mar 4 – Lisboa, Portugal: Standard constructed
Mar 5 – Campina Grande, Brazil: Standard constructed
Mar 5 – Badía del Vallés, Spain: Standard constructed
Mar 11 – Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico: Demo
Mar 12 – Macapá, Brazil: Standard constructed
Mar 12 – Moscow, Russia: Standard constructed
Mar 12 – Newark, USA: Standard constructed
Mar 18 – Juiz de Fora, Brazil: Standard constructed
Mar 18 – Bad Nauheim, Germany: Standard constructed
Mar 19 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Standard constructed
Mar 25 – Gent, Belgium: Standard constructed (ECQ!)

For more information on upcoming events see the V:EKN Event Calendar.

You can contact the V:EKN Inner Circle members using contact forms at V:EKN.net. Also follow the official V:TES Facebook page Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and the official V:EKN Twitter account @VEKN_VTES



The 19th V:tES European Championship will be held at World of Darkness Berlin and attendees will receive a limited edition, 100-card Anthology Set exclusive to the event.  The Anthology Set celebrates the legacy of Vampire: the Eternal Struggle with highly sought-after cards from its history and cards developed by its player community, the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network.  It also includes cards representing characters from the immersive live-action roleplaying events End of the Line and Enlightment In Blood at World of Darkness Berlin.

In addition, ticket holders can order extra sets in the webshop of the WoD Berlin convention for 20€ each to be collected at the convention. (If you can’t make it to the tournament this year, you can ask a friend to purchase extra sets). Please note that preorder of extra card sets will close on March 3rd.

Below are a full list of the included cards.


*Enkil Cog
*3 x Ashur Tablets
*The Unmasking
*Monastery of Shadows
*Carlton Van Wyk
*Heart of Nizchetus
*Unleash Hell's Fury
*New Carthage
*4 x Eyes of Argus
*4 x Deep Song
*3 x Target Vitals
*3 x Shroud of Absence
*3 x Summon History
4 x Zephyr
4 x Instantaneous Transformation
4 x Spiritual Guidance
4 x Legacy
4 x Field Training
2 x Under Siege


The Line
Vivienne Géroux
Hamid Mansour
Laura Goldman
Weirich Waldburg
Apolonia Czarnecki
Aisha az-Zahra
Anne-Marie Bourgeois
Joseph Fischer, Sabbat Guru
Styles Margs


*2 x Anarch Convert
Gold Pan Dan
Dark Selina
Alex Camille
Badr, Shadow of Granada
Gerald FitzGerald
Ludmijla Rakoczy
Karif al Numair
2 x New Blood
Masika ADV
Flavia, Avenging Angel
Cao Nguyen
Shahara al-Rashwa
Sarrasine ADV
Dhita Choudhair
Dr. Lawrence Mayhew
Domenic Giovanni
Salvatore Giovanni
Brunhilde ADV
4 x Valkyrie
Appolonius ADV
Salvador Garcia
The Medic
Desiree Narayan, Anarch Historian
Monica Chang
Louis Fortier ADV



(*) Reprints





Greetings fellow Methuselahs
We hope you are all enjoying the beginning of the new year with many pleasant V:TES games. Remember that your group can still become a playtesters for new cards – see ”Design team news” below!


The latest news about the Anthology set is that all files for the - card list, card text, artwork, art contracts, etc. - have been submitted to White Wolf and PDA for review and approval. Once the V:EKN have the approval to announce the card list, we will do so immediately. So be sure to follow www.vekn.net, ”Vampire: The Eternal Struggle” on Facebook and/or @VEKN_VTES.


A list of attendees is now available and slowly but steadily filled with new names. We urge you to sign up as soon as possible to attract others and to make it easier for the organizers to prepare the tournaments. Also the first 250 convention ticket buyers get free entrance to the special gala screening of ”World of Darkness – The Documentary”.

We would also like to promote the World of Darkness Berlin event as a whole. It is jam-packed with all kinds role-playing, speeches (Mark Rein-Hagen! Justin Achilli!), panels, workshops, quiz, merchandise – everything about your favourite game setting. For the schedule revealed so far, check out www.worldofdarkness.berlin/schedule

And YES OF COURSE we will also give you information about the other continental championships, but it´s the EC that gets hyped right now!


Rule changes and clarifications will be posted as a separate official Rules Team Rulings posting, but we can reveal some of what is being discussed right now:
- If new cards should be legal for tournament play from the day they are released instead of 30 days later.
- If the continental championships should be made an open event indefinitely.
- If something should be done about self-ousting.

Rules director Vincent Ripoll is also currently working on the following projects:
- Card text templating - in order to create standardized, clearer card texts.
- New rulebook - Streamlining, reorganizing sections, removing duplicate text and adding clarifications.
- The Justicar Project - a Windows application that manages the functionalities of The Archon.
- Fix a better seating generator for 20+ players – or at least try.
- Resolving the missing rulings – for example see this thread.



Desso Alastor

Desso Alastor is the Prince of São Paulo, Brazil and an VEKN Inner Circle member with the title Organized Play Coordinator. Is an professional event planner who has done wonders for the Brazilian tournament scene. So naturally we wanted to ask him some questions about engagement V:TES players.

Desso, what is your best tips for recruiting new players?
”1) Inclusion: In all social environments inclusion is what will make a member want to or not want to be part of the family. Kindness generates kindness.
2) Virtual marketing: Promote the game in groups of V:TES players and other card games. Many new players come from Magic, mainly because the V:TES investment is small compared to Magic and many similar games.
3) Collective responsibility: Each active player has a duty to introduce the game to other people. If each player brings new blood, and this new blood creates a new blood, and so on.

And what is your best tips for keeping old players still interested in the game?
”1) Love: The love for the game never ends, if the organizers nudge the graves of the elders and motivates them to play, simply for the pleasure of "put the cards on the table".
2) Valuing of experience: I constantly try to emphasize the importance of elders at the game table, both in friendly game and in tournaments. It is through the experience of elders the "new blood" will learn the game and it´s different strategies.
3) Responsibility: The veteran has a historical portion with the legacy of V:TES. Nobody does anything in this world alone. I work together with great elders, people who, as much as possible, do the impossible to be active, even after they were married and had children to raise.”

What about tournaments then? How do you attract players to attend tournaments?
”1) Creativity: Find interesting awards (trophies, t-shirts, cards) and be transparent of your expenses – V:EKN is a non-profit organization. Invent awards for the best player of the year, create Storylines, do new things!
2) Inclusion: Make each event a meeting of friends. Apply rules strictly and leave no room for doubt. Show that every interested party - be it a novice, veteran, judge or organizer: everyone - has it´s share of importance for the survival of the V:TES.
3) Participatory organizers: The organizer must be active. He or she cannot be an organizer just by mere "status". The main function of an organizer is to organize tournaments! I take it for granted that we must have 1 tournament scheduled per month in every city in the WORLD!”

It is clear Desso has a lot of heart and commitment for the game, so I´m sure we will return to him for more wisdom. Meanwhile, if you are interested and know Portuguese, check out his interviews with Brazilian players here and here.


Upcoming events:
Feb 4 - Vitrolles, France: Standard constructed
Feb 5 - Brescia, Italy: Standard constructed
Feb 11 - Helsinki, Finland: Standard constructed
Feb 18 – Crato, Brazil: Standard constructed
Feb 18 - Joensuu, Finland: Standard constructed
Feb 19 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Standard constructed
Feb 19 - Badalona, Spain: Standard constructed
Feb 26 - Macapá, Brazil: Standard constructed

For more information on upcoming events see the V:EKN Event Calendar.


You can contact the V:EKN Inner Circle members using contact forms at V:EKN.net. Also follow the official V:TES Facebook page Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and the official V:EKN Twitter account @VEKN_VTES