Gambit Accepted:

  • If the controller of a Gambit Accepted in play withdraws, his or her predator gets a VP from the Gambit Accepted (the Methuselah who withdraws still gets a VP for withdrawing, of course). [RTR 20040501]

Gangrel Atavism:

  • Doesn't require control of a ready Gangrel. [RTR ]

Gargoyle Slave:

  • Doesn't count as a "slave" (in the Bloodlines sense), nor as a Gargoyle (for game purposes). He's just an ally. [LSJ 20011210]

Gather, The:

  • Is only usable to move the target vampire from your uncontrolled region to your ready region. It cannot rescue a vampire from torpor. [LSJ 20030520]

Gemini's Mirror:

  • Gemini's Mirror doesn't protect the minion's equipment, retainers, or any other cards on him. Just him (and his blood). [LSJ 20031118]

Ghoul Retainer:

  • The Ghoul is never the "bearer" of the weapon that it uses. Any side-effect of using the weapon (e.g. Zip Gun, Grenade) is applied to the employing minion, as normal. [TOM 19951114]


  • The ally is recruited as a mortal, with the normal starting life, and is then changed to a ghoul and gains a life. His "starting life" is still the base (mortal) amount, however. [LSJ 20030520]

Glaser Rounds:

  • Must wait until the second time a given gun is used in a given combat. [RTR 19941109]

Goodnight, Sweet Prince:

Goth Band:

  • The counter moved to your master card by Goth Band is transformed into the type of counter normally used by the target master card. [RTR 19970306]
  • Your Goth Band cannot move a counter from a card you control. [RTR 19980707]

Grandest Trick, The:

  • The vampire as an ally has no "starting life" trait. Vagabond Mystic cannot help him, therefore. [LSJ 20011214]
  • If the vampire who plays Grandest Trick has an ability to play Discipline-requiring cards "as if" he has that Discipline (Ian Forestal, for example), then the vampire may use that ability even while he is treated as an ally. In that case, he is treated just as an ally with that ability would be treated (spends life for blood costs, for example). Similarly for Mata Hari's ability. [LSJ 20070301]

Greta Kircher:


  • Can cancel Drawing Out the Beast (or other "target cannot use equipment" card) if the target has a weapon. [LSJ 20050221]
  • Can cancel superior Thoughts Betrayed and Shape Mastery (when the latter is used to cancel a strike) [LSJ 20050222] [LSJ 20050223]
  • Cannot cancel maneuvering, setting range, burning blood, Scorpion Sting (or other "cannot be dodged" strikes, since the opposing minion is still free to attempt to dodge), Weakness, destroy/steal equipment/weapon effects, Withering, Fata Amria, [LSJ 20050221] [LSJ 20050221] [LSJ 20050223] [LSJ 20050223]
  • Cannot cancel restricting the ability to strike and/or gain additional strikes (e.g., Rigor Mortis, Lapse) [LSJ 20050221] [LSJ 20050222] [LSJ 20050223]

Hagar Stone:

  • The "do not replace" effect Hagar applies stacks with whatever "do not replace" clause the card itself has (so that the longest one wins out). [LSJ 20070320]

Hector Sosa:

  • V:TES version should have superior Potence, as in Jyhad. [RTR ]

Heidelberg Castle, Germany:

  • Heidelberg Castle may not be tapped "in response" to any instant effect (because all effects in V:TES are instantaneous except for actions and certain combat effects). [LSJ]
  • May not be tapped "during" paying some cost - must be tapped before or after. [SFC 19960830]


  • Only regenerates if it has fewer than 2 life. [LSJ ]

Herald of Topeth:

  • The Herald can use Charming Lobby to call a referendum "as a vampire". [RTR 20020501]

Hidden Strength:

High Stakes:

  • The last two sentences are talking to each player, not just the player playing High Stakes. [RTR 19941109]

Horatio Ballard:

  • Horatio cannot use his special ability to become a Prince if he has changed sect and is no longer Camarilla. [LSJ 20030202]

Horrid Reality:

  • If no weapon can be found, the two blood (cost) is simply burned. [TOM 19951212]
  • If the weapon retrieved has requirements (clan/Discipline) that the vampire doesn't meet, then it is burned with no cost. [RTR 20010710]
  • If a copy of a unique card already in play is retrieved, then the weapon is contested until the end of combat. It becomes uncontested during the next appropriate untap phase. [TOM 19951212]

Hostile Takeover:

  • The bidding is conducted in an open format. The player who played the Hostile Takeover conducts the auction. [LSJ 19990104]



  • He can accumulate as many cards as he likes with his special, at the rate of one each untap. [LSJ 20070320]

Illusions of the Kindred:

  • Illusions of the Kindred cannot be played when your crypt is empty. [RTR 20000501]
  • There is no room to play Psyche! (superior) between the time Illusions of the Kindred ends combat and when the new combat begins. So, when you play Illusions of the Kindred, Psyche! cannot be played. [LSJ 19971003]
  • If the vampire retrieved by Illusions of the Kindred doesn't enter combat (because the opposing minion was himself an Illusion or was a Blood Brother Ambush, for example), then the Illusion will be removed from the game at the end of the current action. [LSJ 19991110]
  • If the illusionary vampire is burned in combat (ending combat), the acting Methuselah chooses whether he is sent to the ash heap or removed from the game. [RTR 20001020]
  • If the card drawn is an imbued, the imbued would briefly come into play, become incapacitated, and then be removed from the game. [LSJ 20060323]
  • If the Illusions of the Kindred is burned via blood hunt referendum (because it played Amaranth) in the combat, it goes to the ash heap and cannot be removed from the game. [PIB 20110810]

Immortal Grapple:

  • If a minion is committed to using a strike other than a hand strike (e.g., used a maneuver from a gun), then he gets no strike. [TOM 19951217]


  • Imogen's ability cannot be used to move a burned vampire (crypt card) to the target's hand. Only library cards can be exchanged by Imogen's ability. [LSJ 19990525]
  • Imogen is a 9 capacity vampire (errata to the Black Hand printing). [LSJ 20031116]

Improvised Flamethrower:

  • The flamethrower doesn't notice if the bearer is immune to the incoming ranged damage. If any ranged damage is inflicted at long range (prevented, ignored, or otherwise), the flamethrower will burn and inflict damage. [LSJ 20040802]

Improvised Tactics:

  • The [pot] effect's strike is a strike that requires Potence, so would be enhanced by Increased Strength. [LSJ 20030611]

Incriminating Videotape:

  • If the tape is stolen, then the chosen minion is unable to block the new possessor of the tape (and can now block whoever used to have it). If the tape is removed from play, its effect ends. [TOM 19960114]

Infernal Pursuit:

  • The card you discard (with superior) need not be one of the cards that you just drew. [TOM 19950924]


  • The vampire receiving the card must meet all of the requirements of the card other than the Thaumaturgy requirement. The vampire playing the Inscription need not meet any of the requirements (other than the Thaumaturgy needed to play Inscription in the first place). [LSJ 20031116]

Internal Recursion:

  • Internal Recursion is played before the block combat begins. [LSJ 20020204]

Iron Heart:

  • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

Jar the Soul:

  • Jar the Soul's effect doesn't damage vampires; an empty vampire will simply attempt to burn blood and fail. [TOM 19951212]
  • If an Ally is targeted, it will only be tapped - it will not lose a blood (life) even if the superior version is used. [RTR]

Jimmy Dunn:

  • If a second Jimmy Dunn is brought out during an action (with Possession, e.g.), and the first Jimmy (if he has Vicissitude) plays Reform Body, the first Jimmy will go to torpor (from Reform Body), but will then be burned anyhow, since he cannot be contested. [LSJ 19990719] [RTR 19991001]
  • If a second Jimmy Dunn is brought out during an action (with Possession, e.g.), the acting vampire isn't considered to be "burning" the first Jimmy, so he cannot play Soul Stealing, for instance. [LSJ 19990719] [RTR 19991001]
  • If a non-contesting second copy of Jimmy enters play (via Illusions of the Kindred, for example), the first Jimmy won't burn himself. [LSJ 19991110]
  • Seeds of Corruption (if played on two Jimmys who are each Banished and then return to play) won't save him from burning. [LSJ 20050709]

Jones, The:

  • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

Justicar Retribution:

  • Counts the bleed amount that each vampire would have when attempting to bleed his prey. [RTR 19980623]


  • If merged Keminitiri plays Closed Session as a Justicar, it will prevent her from casting votes (assuming she's still independent). [LSJ 20050131]
  • Merged Kemintiri doesn't enable you to play master cards, it only enables her to play certain minion cards. [LSJ 20050721]


  • The damage done from the ranged strike is damage from the weapon, so it can be modified by effects that modify melee weapon damage, like Sword of the Righteous or Baal's Bloody Talons. [LSJ 20051220]

Kestrelle Hayes:

  • Kestrelle is group 5. The promo version is misprinted as being group 4 (in addition to being printed with an upside-down back, like the Third Edition cards). The Sword of Caine printing is correct. [LSJ 20070117]

Khobar Towers:

  • X is the pool cost or the blood cost of the ally, as appropriate. [RTR 20020501]

Kindred Coercion:

  • Despite the name of the card, the inferior may cancel the votes of Allies (as well as vampires) not older than the acting vampire/minion. The superior version may change the votes of Allies (as well as vampires) not older than the acting vampire/minion. [TOM 19960205]
  • Kindred Coercion cannot 'change' the votes of vampires who haven't voted yet, but it can cancel the votes of vampires who haven't voted yet (and change the votes of vampires who have voted). [RTR 19991001]

Kindred Segregation:

  • Kindred Segregation only requires that the pool cost be paid in order to keep the ally. Blood costs (if any) need not be repaid to keep an ally. Explicit in the CE printing. [LSJ 20001113] [RTR 20010710]
  • Kindred Segregation can be called even if there are no allies in play. [RTR 20010710] [ ]

Kindred Society Games:

  • The last sentence is vague. Replace it with "If the vampire doesn't untap but instead moves the Society Games on, but there is no tapped younger vampire to move it to, Society Games is burned instead." [RTR 19941109]
  • If a vampire has two copies of Kindred Society Games played on it, each copy exerts its own effect on the vampire. Thus, untapping the vampire normally would require the vampire to burn a total of 2 blood. If the vampire does not untap normally, then both Games are moved to other vampire(s), although the vampire could burn 1 blood to prevent one of the Games from moving on. [RTR 19951017]

Kiss of Ra:

  • Kiss of Ra can be played by an acting vampire in torpor. [LSJ 19970325]

Kpist m/45:

  • The Kpist m/45 provides the bearer one optional maneuver "each combat". [LSJ 20070928]

Kyoko Shinsegawa:

  • Treat her text as a prohibition against taking the usual hunt action and a additional of a special hunt action. If other additional hunt actions are also granted, then she may choose from among those options (e.g., Restricted Vitae or Legacy of Caine). [LSJ 20060306]

Lazar Dobrescu:

  • Cannot use his special ability if his controller has no vampires in her uncontrolled region. [LSJ 19990215]


  • The victim Methuselah decides (during her untap) whether to lose a pool or all transfers. [TOM 19951208]
  • The victim Methuselah must choose. There is no default choice. If the players all forget about Leandor's effect until later, the situation must be remedied, but forcing one choice or the other on the victim is not a suitable remedy. [LSJ 10-DEC-2002]


  • When replacing a card with delayed replacement (Mirror Walk) played by a vampire with a Learjet, you may draw Learjet's additional card. [PIB 20110718]

Legacy of Caine:

  • If the vampire with Legacy of Cain hunts, he must still take the action directed at a vampire, even if there are no vampires with blood to steal. [LSJ 19970224]
  • When hunting on a target that has no blood to steal, a successful Legacy of Cain hunt action will simply have no effect (stealing zero blood). [LSJ 19970224]
  • If there are no targets (vampires) at all, then the vampire with Legacy of Cain cannot hunt. [LSJ 19970224]
  • If the vampire with the card "cannot gain blood", then the stolen blood is simply moved to the blood bank when he hunts. [LSJ 20010809]

Legacy of Power:

  • Legacy of Power may be used if one of your vampires is in combat with an ally. In this case, your vampire goes into torpor, and the ally is unaffected. [RTR 19960112]

Life Boon - Master: Out-of-Turn:

  • If a player is saved more than once by Life Boon, the various Boons reserve a series of victory points, rather than competing with each other for a single victory point. [RTR 19951017]
  • If a player has gone to negative pool, the Life Boon player must give her enough pool to compensate for that. [RTR 19970630]
  • If a player who has received a Boon receives a half of a VP (in a V:EKN tournament, e.g.), then the Methuselah who played the Boon receives the 1/2 VP. The Boon is not burned until a total of one VP has been awarded. [RTR 19991206]


  • Not playable if you have less than 7 cards in your library. [PIB 20110304]


  • Loner ony considers the minions you control during your influence phase. It doesn't care if minions you no longer control (but have since been burned, removed from play, stolen, contested, or returned to the uncontrolled region) acted this turn. [LSJ 20060616]


  • If the Loyalist vampire's votes are changed to be in favor, the Loyalist's 3 votes will be silenced (not cast). [LSJ 20031115]

Lubomira Hradok:

  • If Lubomira bleeds a Methuselah who controls a ready titled vampire, Lubomira is the one not to untap as normal. [PIB 20110915]


  • Lucian cannot attempt to steal a piece of equipment that he is prohibited from having (a second vehicle, Laptop, or Leather Jacket, for example). [LSJ 19980206]

Lunatic Eruption:

  • The mandatory attack action must be taken before any non-mandatory actions. [LSJ 20001127]

Machine Blitz:

  • Machine Blitz inflicts an amount of ranged damage equal to (or 1 greater than) the amount the chosen weapon would inflict if it were chosen as a strike (against a generic opponent at the appropriate range). This amount is set when Machine Blitz is announced. [LSJ 19970224] [LSJ 20010806]

Madness Network:

  • Malkavians do not have to be Ready to take an action via the Network. (i.e., a Torpored Malk could rescue himself from Torpor) [RTR 19950509]
  • Malkavians may block *in addition* to the normally eligible blockers. [RTR 19950530]
  • A non-Malkavian cannot use Mask of a Thousand Faces to assume the action of a Malkavian on someone else's turn, since he is not capable of taking the action in the first place at that time. [LSJ 19981007]
  • Madness Network's "another Methuselah" means "other than the controller of the Malkavian in question", not "other than the controller of the Madness Network". [LSJ 20070808]
  • If a Malkavian is empty during another Methuselah's turn while Madness Network is in play, the Malkavian can declare an action, but if he does so, that action has to be a hunt action. [LSJ 20060508]


  • When played at superior Melpominee level, will have no effect if the acting vampire abstains (including if the acting vampire is forced to Abstain by, for example, Pulling Strings). If the acting vampire's votes are changed, the effect operates on the final disposition of the vampire's votes (at the time the votes are tallied). [LSJ 20020123]

Magdelena Schaefer:

  • Magdelena's effect is tied to the card play, not the strike resolution. When she plays a strike card that requires Thaumaturgy, she burns a blood. [LSJ 20030816]

Magic of the Smith:

  • You do not search your library until the action is successful. [TOM 19951107]

Major Boon:

  • The bleed may be modified after the Boon is burned. [LSJ 20030514]
  • May only be played on a successful bleed (bleed for 1 or more pool). Only action modifiers and reaction cards that modify the bleed amount may be played after the Boon - general action modifiers and reaction cards cannot be played (e.g., Telepathic Counter and Threats may be played, but not Deflection) [RTR 19951110]
  • Cannot be played in succession. The loss from the play of a Major Boon is due to a card effect, not a bleed. So a second cannot be played to Boon the first. [RTR 19960530]
  • Multiple Major Boons in play cannot be burned on the same bleed action - after the first is burned, "you" are no longer the Methuselah burning pool. [LSJ 19990218]

Malkavian Dementia:

  • Doesn't require control of a ready Malkavian. [RTR ]
  • You lose control of that Malkavian when you start your untap phase. This is not an untap effect that you order among your other untap effects; it happens when the phase begins. You do not untap the Malkavian [RTR 19951017]

Malleable Visage:

  • Doesn't change the acting minion (for purposes of the "No Repeat Actions" rule, among other things) and may be played by a minion who isn't capable of taking the action. [LSJ 20011023] [RTR 20020501]
  • Requires a ready, untapped vampire. [RTR 20010710]

Mariel, Lady Thunder:

  • If she taps to end combat, the damage is applied just after the combat ends. [RTR 19970630]

Maris Streck:

  • Maris can use her ability multiple times each action. [LSJ 20020926]

Marthe Dizier:

  • Her special can only move cards "from the ash heap" that were "played" in the normal manner. If the card wound up in play (or otherwise not in your ash heap), or was "played" some other way (via Disguised Weapon, for example), it cannot be retrieved by her special. [LSJ 20040517] [LSJ 20041119]

Mask of a Thousand Faces:

  • The action remains the same (same level, superior or inferior, same parameters, etc.). All action modifiers remain in effect, but inherent modifiers (a minion's inherent +1 bleed or +1 bleed from a Laptop, e.g.) do not. Other effects applied to the action (e.g., Backways, Deflection) also carry over to the new (masking) vampire. [RTR 19951110] [LSJ 19971201] [RTR 20030519] [LSJ 20030520] [LSJ 20030521]
  • Mask cannot be used to mask an action if the Masking vampire is not capable of taking that action, nor if any action modifiers, reactions, or other effects (including inherent stealth) have been played on this action that could not have been played/used if the Masking vampire were the acting minion. (Not counting blood that has already been spent.) [RTR 19980623] [RTR 20030519] [RTR 20041202]
  • Mask of a Thousand Faces cannot be used to take over a Force of Will action, since the former requires an untapped vampire and the latter requires a tapped one. [RTR 20020927]
  • Mask cannot be played during the resolution of an action (like during the referendum of a political action or during combat). [LSJ 19980825]
  • A minion attempting to block before the Mask was played is still attempting to block after the Mask is played. If the Masking vampire is an Aching Beauty, the controller of the minion attempting to block would have to pay a pool for the block, if it is successful, for example. [LSJ 19990106]

Masquerade Endangered - Master: Out-of-Turn:

  • Multiple copies may be played (by different Meth.s) after a single action, but all would be burned during the vampire's next untap phase. [TOM 19950921]

Masquerade Enforcement:

  • Doesn't affect merging (base with advanced vampire cards). [LSJ 20030527]

Mata Hari:

  • Orun and Aye cards cannot be placed on Mata Hari as long as she's not a Laibon. [LSJ 20110611]


  • Maxwell cannot use his special ability to become a Prince if he has changed sect and is no longer Camarilla. [LSJ 20030202]

Meddling of Semsith:

  • Will stay in play (uselessly) when the target is burned. [LSJ 20021008]

Mehemet of the Ahl-i-Batin:

  • If the Discipline card is controlled by a Methuselah other than the controller of the vampire it is on, Mehemet's action to burn it and a blood from the vampire is undirected. [LSJ 20010816]


Meld with the Land:

  • The untap effect of the "combat ends and untap" effect occurs when the strike resolves. It is not delayed until after combat. [RTR 20020501]

Memory's Fading Glimpse:

  • Any cards on the target vampire (e.g., Brainwash, or cards on a Banished vampire) are burned. [SFC 19960919]

Merill Molitor:

  • The damage he treats as normal is handled before any agg damage that is being treated as agg damage. [LSJ 20030213]

Michael Luther:

  • Michael's ability is only usable once each referendum, even if he untaps somehow during the referendum. [LSJ 20041207]

Mind Rape:

  • The card can be burned to take control of the target at any point during the the appropriate minion phase. It doesn't have to be done at the start of that minion phase. [LSJ 20001201]

Mob Rule:

  • Each Methuselah must decide how much his or her vampires' blood to burn for it during the resolution of the effect. It does not give an ability for the rest of the political action. However, there can be some give and take during the resolution of the effect. For example, each Methuselah can choose to burn one blood at a time and wait to see what the others do in response. [LSJ 20030602]
  • Each Methuselah must decide how much blood her minions burn for it during the resolution of the effect. It does not give an ability for the rest of the political action. However, there can be some give and take during the resolution of the effect. For example, each Methuselah can choose to burn one blood at a time as blood is burned for votes. [LSJ 20030602]

Muaziz, Archon of Ulugh Beg:

  • Muaziz's ability does not apply to the Blood Hunt card, since it is not a referendum, and only referendums are "called". [TOM 19960604]


  • The mummified vampire cannot take a "leave torpor" action, if Mummify was played at inferior. [LSJ 19980126]

Murder of Crows:

  • Follows all Wolf Companion rulings, except that the damage can happen when the combat is at long range. [RTR 19941109]
  • Costs 1 blood (CE version is misprinted). [LSJ 20020819]


  • He can untap at any time during his controller's minion phase, including during an action. [PIB 20110415]

Name Forgotten, The:

  • Each Methuselah must find as many copies of the vampire as possible when searching. [LSJ 20050610]

Nephandus (Mage):

  • Each strike or other damaging effect made against Nephandus by the opposing minion is at -1 damage. [LSJ 19970224]

Nightmares upon Nightmares:

  • Mortal allies are not affected, and vampires with capacity above the number of Gehenna cards in play are not affected. [LSJ 20040415]


  • Is governed by the "same action" rulings. [RTR 19950509]
  • Obedience can be played (by an untapped older vampire) to avoid the new combat started by superior Psyche!. [LSJ 19991025]


  • Octopod counts as the combatant's source of additional strikes in that round. [LSJ 20020215]


  • The Auspex special applies to whatever the current action is, not just to his special enter combat action. [LSJ 20050201]


  • A vampire with Oruns will only burn 1 Orun if he successfully bleeds for 2 or more. [LSJ 20090603]

Owain Evans, The Wanderer:

  • Owain's ability can only be used once each untap, even if control of Owain changes during that untap phase. [LSJ 20040127]