Paris Opera House, The:

Peace Treaty:shado

  • Peace Treaty only requires that the pool cost be paid in order to keep the weapon. Blood costs (if any) need not be repaid to keep a weapon. [RTR 20010710]
  • Peace Treaty can be called even if there are no weapons in play. [RTR 20010710]

Pentex(TM) Loves You!:

  • Pentex's +bleed ability is treated as an action modifier (it can be done at any time during the action). [LSJ 19970718]

Pere Lachaise, France:

  • The vampire retrieved by Pere Lachaise need only be in your ash heap. It doesn't have to be a vampire that you had first controlled. [LSJ 20040812]
  • The crypt card on Pere Lachaise is out of play (and should be face down). [LSJ 20040812]


  • Perfectionist's effect is thwarted even if the reaction card is canceled as it is played, since it is still played. [LSJ 20070330]

Philippe Rigaud:

  • If Philippe cannot commit diablerie (because of Humanitas or some other effect), then his card text doesn't force him to (he is not "stuck" or anything like that -- he is free to take any legal action). [LSJ 20050513]

Political Seizure:

  • If you yield the Political Seizure, the location it was contesting doesn't come into play under your control. The Seizure is not a copy of the location, so yielding it won't trigger the "When the last copy of that location is yielded" clause. [LSJ 19980223]

Political Struggle:

  • The acting vampire gains X votes if the vampire with this card is burned, no matter how that vampire is burned. [LSJ 19990119]
  • If the victim of Political Struggle is burned by diablerie, the votes gained from Political Struggle are gained before the blood hunt referendum (and can be cast in that referendum). [LSJ 20050707]


  • If a Toreador has already performed a bleed action this turn and then preforms a Portrait action and the revealed vampire is between 7 and 10 capacity, the Toreador simply untaps. It cannot bleed again the same turn, so the remainder of the effect (the bleed action) is lost. [LSJ 20021118]

Power Structure:

  • Requires Lasombra (the Sabbat War card omitted the Lasombra symbol). [RTR 20001020]

Powerbase: Barranquilla:

  • Church of the Order of St. Blaise may be used to add a counter to it before it burns if it has zero counters. [LSJ 20050105]

Powerbase: Berlin:

  • Blood moved to Powerbase: Berlin by a Ventrue action comes from the Ventrue. [LSJ 19970414]

Powerbase: New York:

  • The action to steal the blood from your powerbase cannot be attempted by your own vampires. [RTR 19980928]


  • The damage prevention can only be used if the block is successful, and only in the resulting (block-induced) combat. [LSJ 20010813]


  • A vampire who maneuvers with a gun may still use Projectile to shoot with that gun as his initial strike that round. [LSJ 20050304]
  • Cannot be used to strike with a weapon that isn't ranged (that is, with a weapon whose strike isn't ranged). [LSJ 20050224]

Protected Resources:

  • All cards which modify the bleed amount (Telepathic Counter, Threats, etc.) are applied before Protected Resources's effect. [TOM 19960413]
  • Protected Resources doesn't alter the bleed amount. It merely limits the maximum amount of pool the target of the bleed burns for the successful bleed. [LSJ 20030211]
  • If you perform a bleed action that resolves as a bleed for 0 (Spying Mission, Telepathic Counter, ..), you don't burn your Protected Resources. [LSJ 20030701]

Proxy Kissed:

  • Can be played on a vampire who already has a Proxy Kissed (and was subsequently Banished and re-influenced). [LSJ 20050719]


  • The superior will cancel any "continue action" effect produced during the preceding combat (e.g. Form of Mist) [RTR 19950509]
  • The superior is played during combat, when combat is about to end [PIB20111202]. This is a reversal of "after combat ends, even though the card is a combat card. [RTR 19980928]", "Is played before superior Freak Drive or inferior Cats' Guidance can be played to untap one of the combatants. (The combatants will have to wait until after the next combat ends to play those cards.) [LSJ 19981216]", and "The superior can be played before or after replacing any "Do Not Replace Until After Combat" cards. [LSJ 19990322]"
  • Can be retrieved by Marthe Dizier ([PIB 20111208]).
  • No new cost need be paid for the block (Archon, Aching Beauty, Donal, etc.) [TOM 19960303]
  • Superior cannot be played if there is already a combat queued (with, for example, Blissful Agony) [RTR 20020501]


  • Is played before the successful blocker taps for blocking (i.e., the same time that Obedience or Change of Target would be played). The blocker is not tapped. [LSJ 20050223]

Pulled Fangs:

  • Counts up damage successfully inflicted during the round by the minions (retainers, etc. don't count). [TOM 19950304]


  • The target minion may choose not to untap as normal and burn this card during his or her untap phase (rather than "instead" of untapping as normal -- that is, it can still be burned even if the vampire is already prevented from untapping as normal). [RTR 20070707]

Rabbat, The Sewer Goddess:

  • Her hunt for pool special may be used even when she is full. The blood goes to your pool instead of to Rabbat, so there's no need to worry if it exceeds her capacity. [LSJ 20050331]

Rachel Brandywine:

  • When using Rachel's special, make all discards (and redraws) first, then shuffle the discards back into the library. [RTR 20030519]

Rack, The:

  • May not select a new target just for falling out of contention. [RTR 19960112]
  • Chooses a vampire *card* - will not automatically target a new copy of that vampire (if the original is burned or yielded). [TOM 19960122]

Raphael Catarari:

  • Untapping is the first thing to do, so if he's odd, gaining one from a Hunting Ground or other method later in the untap phase won't get him to "untap as normal" in that phase. [LSJ 20060911]

Rapid Healing:


Ravnos Cache:

  • The blood on the Ravnos Cache may be used in place of pool or blood, as appropriate to the cost of the equipment. [RTR 19960112]

Ravnos Carnival:

  • A Ravnos can attempt an action that he cannot pay for himself if the cost can be paid with the Ravnos Carnival's help. [LSJ 20050408]

React with Conviction:

  • If React with Conviction is used to cancel a Corruption action, then the action is canceled in its entirety. No Corruption counters are burned. The same applies when canceling a Venenation or similar effect. (Contrast with Diamond Thunderbolt, which cancels only the change of control rather than the whole effect.) [LSJ 20070222]

Reform Body:

  • If the vampire playing Reform Body was being diablerized, but saved himself with Reform Body, the diablerie is considered unsuccessful. The diablerist gets nothing from the victim, and no Blood Hunt can be called. [LSJ 19970224]
  • Unlike other reaction cards, Reform Body may be played by a minion that is tapped. [RTR 19970630]
  • Reform Body cannot be played by vampires who aren't controlled (burned with Goodnight Sweet Prince or Sabbat Inquisitor, e.g.) [LSJ 19970224]

Reg Driscol:

  • Reg's ability is activated after he equips with the equipment. So if he gets an Eye of Hazimel, he cannot use his ability to move it, by the restriction given on the Eye. [LSJ 20060221]
  • You may move all or none the equipment Reg Driscol gets to just one minion, but you can't split. [LSJ 20090622]


  • Regenaration is usable by an untapped vampire with 0 blood in torpor. [PIB 20110613]


  • Regent is a title card, so it is out of play if the title is contested (and the built-in rush is not usable when the card is not in play). [LSJ 20070808]


  • The superior Obeah effect can be used even if the stealth is not currently needed. [LSJ 20011214]

Resilient Mind:

  • Resilient Mind can be used when a Form of Corruption is put into play to protect that vampire from that Form of Corruption. [LSJ 20031223]


  • Can only resurrect allies or retainers burned from play. Discards and blocked actions to employ/recruit don't qualify. [LSJ 20011216]

Return to Innocence:

  • New card text: "Bleed. If you successfully bleed your prey for one or more, put this card on the acting vampire. Burn this card if this vampire loses any blood or goes to torpor, or if your prey is ousted. During your next untap, this vampire is removed from play and your prey burns X pool, where X is the capacity of this vampire." [RTR 19980707]

Revelation of Wrath:

  • Revelation of Wrath won't count environmental damage. [PIB 20110509]

Rewind Time:

  • Rewind Time cannot be used to cancel the action card after playing Special Report. [LSJ 20021011]
  • The cost of the canceled card is not paid (instead of paid and then retrieved). [RTR 20030519]

Riddle Phantastique:

  • If put into play with no counters, it burns immediately. [LSJ 20070307]


  • The damage from Riposte is dealt just after the combat ends. [RTR 19970630]
  • The damage is only dealt if the strike was resolved at close range. [LSJ 19970904]


  • Can only be played when a minion attempts to make a strike to inflict aggravated damage against the opposing vampire. [RTR 20041202]
  • Should be played as written - that is, played on the vampire whose opponent in combat attempts to use aggravated damage against him. [RTR 19980623]
  • Cannot be played in response to aggravated damage done from "environmental" sources. [RTR 19961113]
  • Cannot be played in response to an announcement of a strike that is not effective at the current range. [RTR 19980928]
  • Rotschreck is played when the attempt to use aggravated damage is announced, during the strike announcement phase (before any damage prevention can be played). It can be played after the other strike is announced, however. [LSJ 19990217]
  • If combat is continued or a new combat started, then rest of the effect of Rotschreck is lost. [RTR 20020501]
  • The vampire will be going to torpor after the combat has ended, which forbids cards such as Amaranth or Decapitate from being played. [LSJ 20020402]

Rutor's Hand:

  • If the vampire is stolen before "your next turn", then Rutor's won't activate (allow the vampire an extra untap) until a Methuselah begins a turn with the vampire with Rutor's under her control. [LSJ 20031106]

Sabbat Threat:

  • If the threat counters are lost during the untap phase, then no pool need be burned for the counters' effect. [TOM 19951214]

Sacrificial Lamb:

  • If the target of Sacrificial Lamb has a Soul Gem, the Gem function wins out. [LSJ 19970516]

Sanguine Instruction:

  • Sanguine Instruction increases the vampire's level of the chosen Discipline by 1 while it is on the vampire. Discipline levels: 0 (none), 1 (normal), and 2 (superior). [LSJ 20011227]


  • Sargon's controller gets the Edge after the effects of the successful action (whatever it is) are applied. If it is a referendum, the Methuselah with the Edge can burn it during the referendum for a vote. Sargon's controller doesn't get the edge until after the referendum is concluded (and the results applied, if it passed). [LSJ 20011222]

Scalpel’s Tongue:

  • Unless a he or she gains votes (priscii only have ballots, by default), via Bewitching Oration, Dread Gaze or Legendary Vampire, Scalpel’s Tongue cannot be played on a priscus. [PIB 20110920]

Scorn of Adonis:

  • May be played at any time during the voting process, and will retroactively cause the loss of pool to Methuselahs voting 'no' before Scorn is played, as well as to Methuselahs voting 'no' after Scorn is played. [RTR 19951110]
  • Each Scorn played may only cause the loss of one pool to a given Methuselah, regardless of how may 'no' votes that Methuselah casts. [RTR 19951110]

Scorpion’s Touch:

  • If Scorpion’s Touch is declared with first strike and if the opposing minion declared a strike based on strength, that minion’s strength is decreased by Scorpion’s Touch when it resolves. [PIB 20010830]

Seal of Veddartha:

  • The first counter adds one level of Dominate. If the bearer already had one level of Dominate (i.e., inferior Dominate), then he or she now has two levels of Dominate (i.e., superior). Likewise with the third counter and Fortitude. [LSJ 20040503]

Seattle Committee:

Secret Horde:

  • If put into play with no counters (X=0), it burns immediately. [LSJ 20070307]

Secure Haven:

  • All Methuselahs (including the target vampire's controller) must pay one extra pool when playing Master cards on the target minion. [TOM 19951208]
  • Secure Haven adds one to the cost of the master card targetting the vampire. [LSJ 20070829]
  • Only directed actions targeting the minion are restricted. Actions that target retainers, equipment, or other cards on the minion (like Atonement) are allowable, as are actions that target card not on the minion, even if such cards have "named" or "chosen" that minion (like the Rack). [TOM 19951208] [LSJ 19980302]
  • If it is contested, it will not be burned when the target (vampire) goes to torpor, nor will it be burned if it becomes re-controlled while the target vampire is still in torpor. [RTR 19960124]

Seeds of Corruption:

  • "Special ability" includes all text except terms (i.e., it doesn't include Clan, Sect, Title, Unique (or not), Blood Cursed, Circle, Flight, Infernal, Scarce, Slave, Sterile, Vulnerability, Anarch, Black Hand, Seraph, Red List). (note that this only restricts things that are possible only by special ability - things that a special ability makes impossible are still impossible.) [LSJ 19970801] [LSJ 20011211] [LSJ 20040120] [RTR 20040501]
  • The vampire burns blood for Seeds of Corruption when the action is attempted. [LSJ 19971013]

Seraph's Second:

  • Seraph's Second can be used to untap a vampire who has just successfully resolved an action to become Black Hand. [LSJ 20070701]

Set's Call:

  • The acting vampire's controller is still the one playing the card, so she could choose not to remove a minion from his or her ash heap if the ally is a Shambling Hordes, or an ally/retainer for a War Ghoul, for example. [LSJ 20030701]

Shackles of Enkindu:

  • "The shackled minion" refers to the minion the card is put upon (not the Gangrel the card is put upon with the equip action). [TOM 19951212]
  • Once placed "on" a minion, the Shackles will harm the minion they are on. [LSJ 19990602]
  • An Ally does not suffer the "burn 2 blood" effect from being shackled. [RTR]
  • Is controlled by the Methuselah who controls the vampire who used it; changing the controller of the vampire changes who controls the Shackles. (errata) [RTR 19960708]

Shadow Court Satyr:

  • Shadow Court Satyr cannot use a mutli-discipline effect (an effect that requires two Disciplines), although it can use any single discipline effect of a split discipline card. [LSJ 20021216] [LSJ 20021210]
  • Can only use the combat card when he is in combat. [LSJ 20060502]

Shadow Feint:

  • Will not prohibit the opposing minion from choosing dodge as his strike, and, if chosen, the dodge will still resolve. The dodge simply has no effect on the Shadow Feinted strike. [LSJ 20030902]

Shadow Step:

  • Superior Shadow Step has no cost. The two blood is the cost of using the range-setting effect. It cannot be ignored by Dragos, nor used by a vampire with less than two blood. [LSJ 19970224]

Shadow of the Wolf:

Shambling Hordes:

  • The acting vampire's controller can choose not to remove a minion from his or her ash heap (and thus burn the Shambling Hordes), which she may want to do if, say, Set's Call is used. [LSJ 20030701]
  • The damage the strike from the Hordes does is determined when the strike resolution is begun -- before the Hordes loses life from any opposing "burn life" or "steal blood/life" effect (damage done earlier than strike resolution, like with First Strike or Weather Control will reduce the damage done by the Hordes, of course). [LSJ 20030307]

Shilmulo Tarot:

  • There is no limit to the number of cards it can store. [PIB 20110712]

Sins of the Cauchemar:

  • Sins of the Cauchemar (superior) is simply placed on the acting vampire. It can be played even if no block attempt is made, and so several vampires can play it on the same action. [LSJ 19990611]


  • It can target vampires with no blood. [PIB 20110725]
  • You only choose which cards you move to your hand when the action is successful, and not as part of the terms of the action. [PIB 20110725]
  • You cannot move the Siphon card of the current action to your hand (it's in the limbo when resolving). [PIB 20110725]

Sire's Index Finger:

  • Immunity to the frenzy card at the time it is played is the key. Losing the use of the Finger won't make the vampire vulnerable to a previously-played Frenzy card, and gaining it won't suddenly render him immune to a previously-played Frenzy card. [LSJ 20040210]

Siren's Lure:

  • A second Siren's Lure at [mel] or [MEL] cannot be played to queue a second combat after a combat is already set up for later (by the first Siren's Lure). [LSJ 20020123]

Smiling Jack the Anarch:

  • Each other player must burn a pool or a vampire blood for each counter on Jack. Failing to burn a blood from an empty vampire will not lessen the obligation. [LSJ 19971212]

Sonja Blue:

  • "block as an ally" only affects the "who can block this action" check. Sonja can play reaction cards that require Disicplines and still block "as an ally", since she is a vampire, and The Unmasking will not give her intercept, since she is not an ally. [LSJ 20050224] [LSJ 20060503]
  • When contesting Sonja Blue, the new copy provides 4 pool (for being played), then the old copy is removed from the game (for leaving play to be contested, by its own card text), and the new copy remains face down, out-of-play (it hasn't yet been in play), ready to be turned face up during her next untap phase, when the contest is won. [LSJ 20070829]

Soul Burn:

  • Soul Burn doesn't protect the target from taking damage from a weapon strike, since "inflict" has been ruled to mean "inflict on the opposing minion/retainer". So side-effect damage from a Bomb, Zip Gun, etc. is unaffected by Soul Burn. [LSJ 19980216]

Soul Gem of Etrius:

  • Functions even if the bearer (now burned) was prohibited from using equipment (via Drawing Out the Beast, for example). [LSJ 20010729]
  • If the drawn vampire (B) is younger and would be put into play with Gem but is burned instead (because of the self-contesting rule, for example), then the Gem activates again, drawing a new vampire (C) and comparing his capacity to B's capacity. [LSJ 20030917]
  • Can grab an imbued. In that case, the imbued is either placed in the uncontrolled region or placed empty into the incapacitated region with the Gem, as determined by his starting life. [LSJ 20060323]

Soul Stealing:

  • Soul Stealing cannot be used if a vampire is burned as a result of a political action, such as Tradition Upheld. [RTR 19960124]
  • A vampire diablerizing an older vampire can play Soul Stealing before or after getting a Discipline card, at his option, so long as he plays it before the Blood Hunt. [RTR 19991206]

Spell of Life:

  • The mummies put into play by Spell of Life are unique by card name. Which means that the name is "in play" for anything that cares. They will contest unique minions (vampire or allies) of the same name. If one is Nefertiti, then Aabbt Kindred will be able to take (D) actions. And so on. [LSJ 20070928] [LSJ 20071001]


  • Spiridonas's special ability is treated as an action modifier as far as timing goes (it can be used after the block attempts are concluded). [SFC 19960819]

Spirit Marionette:

  • The mandatory bleed action must be performed before any non-mandatory actions, as usual. [LSJ 20011216]
  • If the bleed is canceled, the vampire still returns to its original controller (since the next action, the bleed, is over). [RTR 20020501]
  • If the Marionette victim uses Daring the Dawn or Force of Will or Day Operation, he or she suffers the bad after effect of the card after the action resolves but before returning to his or her previous controller (important to things like Fame). [LSJ 20030219]

Spiritual Protector:

  • Spiritual Protector will not restrict the opposing minion if no block occurred. [TOM 19951208]
  • Spiritual Protector does not restrict the ability of retainers to use equipment. [RTR 19960112]

Spying Mission:

  • Is only played if you know the bleed is successful, i.e., after you would normally play action modifiers. [TOM 19960226]
  • Is only played after all Reaction cards (as well as other Action Modifiers) have been played. In particular, Telepathic Counter no longer 'beats' Spying Mission unless it is played first (and the bleed is not boosted back to positive). [TOM 19960303] [ ]
  • After successfully being played, it must be burned on the next unblocked bleed against the same Methuselah, provided the bleed is not reduced to zero by other modifiers. [TOM 19950620]
  • The bleed it is played on is considered unsuccessful. Previous Spying Missions won't be cashed in during that action. [RTR 19960530]
  • Archon Investigation cannot be played after a Spying Mission is burned (for +2 bleed), since the bleed is already resolved at that point. [LSJ 19980105]
  • You cannot play Mask of a Thousand Faces after playing a superior Spying Mission because Spying Mission is played "instead of removing pool", which means "when the action resolves" - further modifiers cannot be played, unless they are played after the action in general. [LSJ 19980105]
  • Spying Mission is played when a bleed would be successful, before resolution. [LSJ 20110502]


  • Minions only "oppose" each other during combat, so Stanislava's ability only applies then. e.g., Mr. Winthrop is unaffected. [TOM 19960401]

Static Virtue:

  • For a Laibon moved into the ready region in the last influence phase, Static Virtue must retrieve Aye and Orun in pairs -- the same number of Aye as Orun. [LSJ 20051127]

Stranger Among Us, The:

Strike with Conviction:

  • If the action to bleed with Strike with Conviction is blocked, Strike with Conviction isn’t burned. The action it provides is to burn it and bleed (none of which happens if the action is blocked). [LSJ 20060421]


  • Stutter-Step is both a hand strike and a dodge. It cannot be used if only hand strikes (or only dodges) are allowed. [LSJ 20010919]

Succubus Club:

  • Non-equipment, non-retainer, (non-location) minion cards (like Ablative skin) can be traded, but will remain on the original minion. Control of the card changes. Mostly this results in: "no effect" (until the controller is ousted, of course). [LSJ 19980128] [RTR 19960112]
  • Trades cannot result in a player needing to draw cards (card text). So if player A trades a Elder Library to player B, player A must do something (like also trade away a card from her hand) such that player B doesn't end up needing to draw to fill her newly-increased hand size. A player who begins the trade with fewer cards than hand size (because of an empty library) is OK, since the trade will then not "result" in the problem. [LSJ 20010907]

Sudden Reversal:

  • Can only burn master cards that are played from the hand in the normal fashion (not Elder Library via Bindusara's ability nor the skill card played when Creation Rites is successful, for example). [RTR 20001020]

Summon History:

  • If the card fetched at basic Temporis requires a discipline, it is put in play with the default level of the discipline. [PIB 20110610]

Summoning, The:

  • The superior version is not the same action as the recruitment of the ally. You could perform both actions in the same turn with the same vampire. [PIB 20110915]

Supernatural Resistance:

  • If Supernatural Resistance is used to cancel the opposing minion's strike, that minion must still choose a strike (and could play another Majesty, for instance). [LSJ 20090818]

Swarm, The:

  • If grabbed by a "this vampire employs" effect (e.g., Zhenga, Pack Alpha), the vampire receiving the Swarm doesn't get to move the Swarm on to a new target. [LSJ 20051121]
  • If the action to employ the Swarm is blocked, the Swarm goes on the acting minion immediately (before combat, if any). [LSJ 20051216]

Sword of the Righteous:

  • The [val] effect only applies to the vampire's strike with that weapon, as the [ani] effect above does. [LSJ 20030928]

Talaq, The Immortal:

  • While Talaq may play cards that require Disciplines (Quietus or Thaumaturgy), he doesn't actually have those Disciplines. He doesn't benefit from Tremere Convocation, for example. Similar to Ian Forestal's special ability. [LSJ 19980303]

Talbot's Chainsaw:

  • The equipment inflicts the damage during the Untap phase (for matters such as Ambrosius or Mictlantecuhtli). [PIB 20110216]

Tangle Atropo's Hand:

  • The same vampire can perform that action again. "Cancelling" an action before resolution doesn't taint with NRA. [LSJ 20070709]

Taste of Vitae:

  • Taste of Vitae is played in the "end of round" step, and can be played before or after any other cards playable in the "end of round" window (Disarm, Decapitate, ...). [PIB 20110420]

Taunt the Caged Beast:

  • Since neither minion is acting, the prey (the first player clockwise from the acting Methuselah) goes first (for meanuvering, choosing strikes, and so on) in the combat. [LSJ 20070319]

Tegyrius, Vizier:

  • Allegiance counters continue to function even if Tegyrius leaves play. [LSJ 20030522]

Telepathic Counter:

  • Is played before the bleed is considered successful, so would be played before cards like Spying Mission, which are only played on a successful bleed. [FAQ]

Telepathic Tracking:

  • Superior Telepathic Tracking may interrupt the end of combat produced by Rotschreck, which will cause the rest of Rotschreck's effect to be lost (no torpor). [RTR 20020501]


  • The card remains in play. The referendum to remove the effect burns the card. The card's effects can be stacked with other Templars. [RTR 20030519]


  • When stealing a vampire in combat, any damage yet to resolve will still resolve before the change of control. [LSJ 20020618]

Tereza Rotas:

  • Tereza Rotas cannot steal the Edge if it is uncontrolled. [TOM 19951214]
  • If the target of the action burns the Edge (to get rid of some Sabbat Threat counters, for example), her controller will still get the Edge if the action succeeds. [RTR 19980623]
  • Burning two blood is the cost for her "steal Edge" action. [RTR 19980623]

Terror Frenzy:

Thanks for the Donation:

  • If, by Democritus's special, your prey cannot afford to contest, she pays what she has (and is ousted as normal) and you still yield. [RTR 20010710]

Third Tradition: Progeny, The:

  • If the Progeny is moved to the Uncontrolled region (by Banishment, for example), it continues to be a vampire (and can be influenced). [RTR 19990712]

Toreador Grand Ball:

  • The same vampire can serve as the "second Toreador" for multiple Toreador Grand Balls. [TOM 19960528]
  • The first Toreador chosen for the Toreador Grand Ball is unblockable on all actions except bleed actions. This remains true even after the vampire attempts a bleed. [LSJ 19970814]

Tragic Love Affair:

  • Doesn't require control of a ready Toreador. [RTR ]


  • In superior, the pool loss occurs when the votes are tallied, as in the normal version. [RTR 20010710]

Treatment, The:

  • The Treatment does nothing to the target Prince if the Prince is in Torpor with zero blood. [TOM 19960423]
  • The Treatment will cease functioning if the vampire it is on loses his Prince title. It will resume working if the vampire again becomes a Prince. [LSJ 19980209]

Tremere Convocation:

  • Second sentence of Tremere Convocation should read: "Vampires with basic Thaumaturgy may play combat cards requiring Thaumaturgy as if they had superior Thaumaturgy." [RTR 19970630]

Triole's Revenge:

  • The Ventrue is burned by Triole's Revenge only if the hunt isn't blocked - even if the benefit of the hunt is reduced to zero (a failed action). [TOM 19951212]
  • If the victim of Triole's Revenge is prevented from hunting, he may take no action. [RTR]


  • The cards in the ash heap are chosen and burned when Trochomancy gets played - they are in the target's ash heap. [PIB 20110228]

Trophy: Chosen:

  • The recipient of the Trophy may choose to refuse it (causing it to be burned instead), by card text. If he does so, there is no other effect. He does not untap and does not gain the four blood. [LSJ 20070309]

Trophy: Diablerie:

  • May be retrieved when diablerizing a Red List vampire (either in combat via Amaranth or as a (D) action) prior to the blood hunt referendum; it protects the vampire in that referendum. It (all copies, if more than one are on the diablerist) is then burned at the end of that action. [LSJ 20050222]

Uncontrollable Rage:

  • All damage done by a hand strike under Uncontrollable Rage is aggravated. [LSJ 20011204]

Undead Persistence:

  • If the end of combat is met with a Psyche!, then the go to torpor effect will be delayed until after that new combat. However, the vampire will no longer be propped up by the Undead Persistence in the new combat, so the new combat will end immediately with the vampire not ready (unless he plays a new Undead Persistence in the new combat). [LSJ 20030214]

Unleash Hell's Fury:

  • The 1 aggravated damage will be inflicted even if the acting vampire plays Change of Target. [LSJ 20100301]

Unlicensed Taxicab:

  • Offers the additional stealth on actions to equip it from another friendly minion as well (by itself or with other equipment in the same action). [LSJ 20060222]


Uriah Winter:

  • Can still defect if in torpor, and will remain in torpor if he does so. [RTR 19941109]

Valerius Maior:

  • The "non-infernal and non-Red List" part of his merged text is treated as "term" text (i.e., it is not affected by Seeds of Corruption). [LSJ 20050709]

Vast Wealth:

  • Grants the ability to take an action, namely: to search through the Library for an equipment card. [TOM 19950119]
  • This action is considered an "equip" action. [RTR] [RTR 19960124]
  • You only search your library if the action is successful. [TOM 19951107]
  • Paying for the equipment found is not optional. If paying the cost will oust the controlling Methuselah, then she is ousted. [RTR 19941109] [RTR 20010710]
  • If the equipment cannot be legally placed on the vampire, it is burned without cost. [RTR ]
  • Vast Wealth's ability is not usable if the Vampire does not share the same controller as Vast Wealth. [RTR 19951017]

Veil of Darkness:

  • The card that has no effect due to Veil of Darkness's text still counts as played (cannot play a second one if it was an action modifier or a reaction card, for instance). [PIB 20110623]
  • The Veil has no effect on allies who play Discipline-requiring cards "as a vampire", since it sees them only as allies. [LSJ 20050606]

Veiled Sight:

  • The strike option (steal blood) given by the superior version of Veiled Sight may be used once, on any round of the combat. [RTR 19960112]
  • The strike given by the superior version of Veiled Sight is not ranged. [TOM 19951215]


  • Victoria's special ability can only be used during her controller's master phase. [SFC 19960819]


  • The reaction effect (to untap) is usable by a tapped imbued. [LSJ 20060409]

Voter Captivation:

  • Is played *after* the referendum is resolved. If the effect of the referendum ousts the acting Methuselah, there is no time to play Voter Captivation to prevent the ousting. [RTR 19951110]
  • Is playable after Freak Drive or Forced March (they share the same window). [LSJ 20070327]

Vox Senis:

  • When used as an out-of-turn master, Vox Senis may still be canceled by a Sudden Reversal. [LSJ 20031201]

Wake with Evening's Freshness:

  • May be played by your tapped vampire if you are not the acting Minion's controller. The vampire need not attempt to block nor play further reaction cards; that is merely an option. [TOM 19951129]

Walker Grimes:

  • His special ability ownly affects the cost of masters played by his controller. [LSJ 20081124]

War Ghoul:

  • If you have no other allies and no retainers in play when War Ghoul is recruited, then you burn War Ghoul to satisfy card text. [RTR 19961113]


  • If Wash cancels an out-of-turn master, that Methuselah still cannot play another out-of-turn master against the same master phase (even though the first was canceled and won't count against that master phase). [LSJ 20070309]

Wasserschloss Anif, Austria:

  • Wasserschloss Anif can only receive blood from one Tremere on any given turn. [RTR 19960221]

Wave of Lethargy:

  • In order to use or play a press or maneuver, the vampire must burn 1 blood each time. This is a REVERSAL of "Only the cost of playing the card is increased - if the card provides multiple maneuvers and presses, it is only increased by one. Maneuvers from other sources (in play) do not cost extra. [LSJ 20011023]".

Weather Control:

  • Weather Control's damage will occur even if combat is subsequently ended before range (by Mariel or Elysium: Arboretum, e.g.) [LSJ 19971110]

Web of Knives Recruit:

  • The action to play Web of Knives Recruit is not an action to put a vampire in play, so isn't affected by, for example, Blood Cult Awareness Network. [LSJ 20060616]

Winged Second:

  • Several Winged Second cards can be played for the same combat. [PIB 20110704]

Wolf Companion:

  • The damage is done during normal damage dealing, so a Combat Ends will stop it, as will sending its controller to torpor during first strike. [RTR 19941109]
  • Does not gain any additional strikes of its controller. [RTR 19941109]
  • As with any retainer, the number of lives is set when it is recruited, and will not change if its controller's level of Animalism changes. [RTR 19941109]


  • Wormwood snags the vampire's actual capacity (complete with any effects that have changed that actual capacity) and clamps it to X. Orun will add to that X (or to the vampire's real capacity if it is less than X) for cards played by other players. [LSJ 20051205]

Yawp Court:

  • If the acting minion is not ready after the Yawp Court combat, then the action ends (no referendum is conducted). [LSJ 20060902]

Young Bloods:

  • Young Bloods may use their built-in action against a vampire with only 1 blood. If successful, the effect (burn 2 blood) will cause that vampire to burn his 1 blood. [LSJ 20070213]

Zip Gun:

  • If used to maneuver, the bearer will take damage during strike resolution, even if the gun is destroyed with first strike. [LSJ 20050123]