question-circle Could VTES get something like Legacy Format (from Magic)?

18 Jun 2018 09:31 #88243 by elotar

...Huge carpool is enticing...

On the one hand depth is really one of the key strength of VtES.
On the other - if cardpool is too big it became unmanageable, so deckbuilding degenerates into "browse TWDA, copy something".

And the second "mode" is much worse, because we are not only losing main appeal of CCGs - playing with personally designed deck, but also gameplay suffers - ability to predict possible plays is much more relevant in VtES than in many other cards games and you can't do it if you do not hold "general understanding" of the card pool in the head.

There are other problems as well, but for our main goal - bringing in more new players, it's IMO most important consideration.

:splat: NC Russia

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