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12 May 2012 13:04 #30071 by Ashur

When I play Ashur Tablets, which is in about all my decks (most with only one MPA), I keep my "Top 13" cards on the top of my ash heap once I have an ashur on the table. If I feel like I am giving away info, then I put them all together but inside the heap some place. So when I drop my 3rd one, I pull the cards right out, lay them on the table for all to see, pick the one for my hand and go. It takes more time to shuffle than any other part of the move.

This is superb! All good players do this. It´s in most cases smart, and it´s also good sportmanship.

"My strategy? Luck is my strategy, of course."

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12 May 2012 13:54 #30074 by Ashur

Don't be an ass to people, either currently in the design team or formerly in the design team directly or indirectly.

Please try reading with benevolent eyes before ranting, and take into consideration English is not everyone´s native language.

First: I feel sorry for the playtesters under WW, as I´ve heard plenty of times that they´re opinions were ignored.

Second: The current design team (post the dropout drama) seem competent, impartial and unpretentious – or at least I don´t know otherwise. And we now have more playtesters and more playtesting. What we lack is a totally transparent design process – I hope I´m allowed to state that I wish for this here?

>Snip analysis of Girls-decks <

Your analysis is almost spot on. Very good, especially if you don´t have to face this menace every time you play. Yes, it´s totally about abuse of MMPA:s and generic recursion. And yes, it´s a lot about playing solitaire.

I don´t understand why it´s so hard to make anything about these decks. I remember sometime reading posts and talking to people that state that because of Vtes is a card game, it must be more about deck manipulation and recursion. I think this is against the spirit of the game, as it was originally designed (ie, minions taking actions, politics, social gaming etc instead of players shuffling decks and throwing effects and counterspells at each other). I hope these people are not in positions of power when it comes to card/rules design now.

This is also the reasons why I hate Heart of Cheating...

But I don´t have the same problem with Heart of Cheating though. It´s unique and it affects all decks similarly – you don´t have to design your deck around it. As a matter of fact I think it´s kind of fun when an otherwise crappy deck puts the Heart into play and suddenly sweeps the table.

The best thing about the Heart is that it ousts players. Sure, it also helps your defense, if it´s what you’re after, but mainly it speeds up tables, which is nice in the current meta.

Effect 3: Multi-player Solitaire

Spot on. I hate the combo-decks and solitaire-decks more than anything. I have no idea why cards like for example Una or Eternal Mask is ever printed, but I guess someone in charge get a hard on.

1) Creating cards that interfere with others ashheaps efficiently for either defense or ousting capability. This will encourage people to purposefully attack the Girls' ashheap (and limit the value of Ashur tablets) and cripple their recursive ability. "When [Salvager] successfully bleeds your prey, you may burn X random cards from their ashheap to increase the pool burned by your prey by 1"

Yes, but unless you do a large amount of such minions, you have to make it generic cards.

2) Creating cards that can effectively cancel a vampire's card text or even somehow allow for the limiting of MMPAs. e.g. "When you control [nasty mo-fo] using effects on a vampire that are not stealth, intercept or strength cost that minion 1 blood.", "While [Jim Bob the Destroyer] is ready, your prey must burn 1 pool to use MPAs.", "While [Steve-Dave] is ready each non-trifle MPA beyond the first costs every Methuselah 1 additional pool".

It does not have to me minion cards. I have nothing against for example a master or an event that make masters cost more, especially masters after the first every turn.

"My strategy? Luck is my strategy, of course."

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12 May 2012 23:47 #30106 by Juggernaut1981
The are simple reasons for why these should be Minions or Actions (and not Masters or Events)... Cold War Arms Race.

The more you make Masters only interfere with Masters, the more it becomes a race of who can generate the most MPAs soonest. Everyone will want to sit with 4+ Wash AND 4+ SR in ever deck so they can just 'counterspell' people's master cards.

If these become Minions or Actions, then other players are forced to turn around and interact with the minions. They need to remove the offending minion from behind them, they need to take actions to remove cards from the ready region. Pushing these interactions into Minions and Actions forces an increase in the interactivity of the minions. This is what we want. We don't want this to become "Magic: The Master Phase" so we must actively choose to push the effects that will hamper Girls Will XYZ into minion-related effects.

:bruj::CEL::POT::PRE::tha: Baron of Sydney, Australia, 418

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20 Jul 2013 02:45 #51894 by Yochanan
I've never played in a tournament...but chose based on the terror that a Pentax brings in my casual games.

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20 Jul 2013 15:44 #51918 by delangen
Only played in two tournies... way way back

But Millicent Smith really slows things down... no sir... I don't like her... screws up the whole risk to reward ratio

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20 Jul 2013 18:45 #51921 by ReverendRevolver
I used to hate seeimg pentex, but since it hasnt screwed me over recently, im gonna go with liquidation.

Only one kimd of deck runs it. The bad kind.

Recently, ive grown to fear anarch troublemaker too, just because bad players give it to good players and good players use it to burn my freaking equipment......

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