file Submission: Larceny (A fixed / playable Cat Burglary for !Gangrel and Assamites)

15 Feb 2019 16:23 - 15 Feb 2019 16:23 #93474 by snegiem
Personnally I would prefer to have an effect on the whole table such as:

a vampire can attempt only one larceny per turn
:cel: :obf: your prey and your predator both loses 1 pool
:CEL: :OBF: as above, and you choose to gain 1 pool or to pay 1 pool to make this vampire untaps.

!gangrel and assamite suffer from the heavy bleeds, the card would help (a little) as making the predator lose pool as well and made a little more concerned about putting out a new vampire. and the pool gain
it would be more efficient of course when you are only two people left at the table...
the fact i made it undirected would also lessens its power as making both predator and prey able to attempt to block it... and as there is more risk to be blocked, it is more reasonable to have a big reward.
I made the untap option as to be paid in pool: as an untapped vampire can block a bleed (at least without stealth) or attempt other actions such as bleed or rush...
the point that would still bother me is the forgotten labyrinth card.
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