lightbulb Koschei's Egg (with concept art!)

26 Oct 2019 03:51 - 26 Oct 2019 03:54 #97581 by LivesByProxy
@james: well do you have any ideas?

Goal was to help Nosferatu, Assamites, City Gangrel, etc.

And I wanted a neat and creative card effect - it would be too easy to just "reduce bleed by 2" or something.

@exposer: according to White Wolf Wiki, Koschei is a changling Ogre..... which I personally think is kind of lame.

He should be a Nosferatu like Baba Yaga and Black Annis:
:cap10: :pro: :ANI: :FOR: :NEC: :OBF: :POT: :THA: Independent. Koschei cannot be burned (including diablerie.) +2 strength.

:gang: :CEL: :FOR: :PRO: :cap6: Gangrel. Noddist. Camarilla. Once each turn, LivesByProxy may burn 1 blood to lose Protean :PRO: until the end of the turn and gain your choice of superior Auspex :AUS:, Obfuscate :OBF:, or Potence :POT: for the current action.
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