file How I would relaunch V:TES (card reprint)

17 Feb 2017 15:38 #80736 by elotar

Trying to include 39 clans in a reboot is rediculous.


It was true "in the past", when in was financially impossible to launch a game with big card pool because of publishing expenses.

As was already stated by now it's not the problem - print on demand system allows to publish and distribute individual cards cheaply and in any amounts. It's especially true for VtES, where we already got design of all cards.

So by launching the game with small card pool you are achieving nothing except "loosing cool".

Yea, obviously (for me) present card pool is just too big as well as some individual cards (and rules) are troublesome, but all this can be solved without destroying the game as is.

Actually for a while I'm proposing to VtES to take the matter in their hands and start to move the game to the "rebotable" state by gradually banning and errataing cards as well as fixing rules.

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21 Feb 2017 14:09 - 21 Feb 2017 14:10 #80777 by Ankha
I see it as a discipline for:
- intercept
- bounce
- "see the future" (combat, hand manipulation, new round etc.)

Kept as is
  • Anima Gathering: a balanced card that give alternative to transient intercept. The +bleed effect is counter-balanced by the fact that a vampire is "locked"
  • Aura Reading: gives good options to Auspex combat decks and fits the "I see what's going to happen" theme
  • Crocodile's Tongue: the closest card to stealth that Auspex can get. Fits well in an attrition deck (Tremere steal blood or cryptic mission)
  • Eagle's Sight: one of Auspex' signature cards. Slows down the game a bit though but adds interaction between players
  • Enhanced Senses: a staple card for Auspex
  • Melange: not a fantastic card, but is required to offer enough variety in Auspex' intercept reaction cards
  • Precognition: a staple card
  • Pulse of the Canaille: gives bleed options to Auspex (at a price!) or a very interesting spying effect. Maybe one of the only 3-blood cards that is played
  • Read Intentions: an ok-card for Auspex combat
  • Revelations: a very interesting card in control decks
  • Soul Scan: fits the theme, adds options to decks that rely on a peculiar vampire to work
  • Spirit's Touch: a staple card
  • Telepathic Misdirection: it's fine to have Auspex, a defensive discipline, to have a bounce card
  • Telepathic Tracking: one of a few counter-combat ends. Auspex is available to enough vampires to make it playable in plenty of different decks

Not kept
  • Ancestor's Insight: I'm not a big fan of cards mixing discipline and sect requirement. This card does too little to be interesting for only a small amount of vampires
  • Burnt Offerings: costs blood for intercept, or an effect that doesn't go in the direction of the game
  • Celestial Harmony: fits the theme, but gives incomplete information, that's probably why it's never played
  • Ecstatic Agony: cards that rely on the previous round don't usually work well, even with Telepathic Tracking. If your opponent plays steal blood, combat ends, or ranged combat, the card is useless
  • Eyes of Argus: even if you can't play Eyes of Argus alone (or you'll have troubles), the card is a little bit too strong compared to discipline-less wakes.
  • Fast Reaction: a fun card, but a weak card
  • My Enemy's Enemy: a great card because it costs 0, but a redundant card with Telepathic Misdirection. Having your grand-predator being bled doesn't really go in the direction of the game at 4 or 5 players.
  • Precognizant Mobility: a rare effect but that is too unreliable and costly (an action and 1 blood)
  • Primal Instincts: costs a blood for an effect that is rarely useful
  • Psychic Assault: doesn't fit the theme
  • Psychic Projection: not as interesting as Anima Gathering
  • Scrying of Secrets: could be a good card, but it doesn't work. Removing any type of card could have maybe been useful.
  • Sins of the Cauchemar: doesn't bring useful options compared to permanent intercept
  • Telepathic Counter: the card is too weak as is, and Telepathic Misdirection is far better
  • Telepathic Vote Counting: the inferior effect is crap, the superior is weaker than Scalpel Tongue (see Dread Gaze)

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21 Feb 2017 15:52 #80778 by Ankha
I see it as a discipline for:
- stealth
- concealing (vampires/items can't be targeted, defensive combat)
- "surprise" (disguise weapon)

Kept as is
  • Behind You!: a polyvalent card that is accessible to plenty of vampires
  • Cloak the Gathering: a staple card
  • Conceal: an ok-card, fits the "hide" them
  • Disguised Weapon: a good card for weapon decks
  • Elder Impersonation: a staple card, gives the edge to offense against defense
  • Faceless Night: a staple card
  • Hidden Lurker: contrary to Fast Reaction, Hidden Lurker is more playable
  • Into Thin Air: contrary to Elder Impersonation, doesn't stack with Lost in Crowds and serves a different crypt and deck style
  • Lost in Crowds: a staple card
  • Sleep Unseen: fits the "hide" theme, can be countered by Auspex, balanced
  • Spying Mission: gives the option of "responsible" bleed
  • Swallowed by the Night: a staple card
  • Veil the Legions: a good card, more interesting than Psychic Veil


Not kept
  • Blackmail: a weak card with an effect that can be found elsewhere
  • Blithe Acceptance: permanent stealth is a delicate thing, but the realisation could be better
  • Confusion of the Eye: was an option when Protect thine Own was around, now a card that is too situational
  • Fade from View: not a required card
  • Forgotten Labyrinth: a good card, but not required and a little .
  • Gemini's Mirror: an unreliable card that costs blood
  • Hidden Pathways: crappy card, overshadowed by Psychic Veil
  • Hide the Mind: gives the edge to Obfuscate over Auspex (bounce mainly), but too close to a silver bullet
  • Marked Path: a worse card than plain transient stealth
  • Mask of a Thousand Faces: a good idea, but with too many complications
  • Memory's Fading Glimpse: crappy card
  • Mental Maze: not in the theme, rarely as good as a simple combat ends
  • Night Moves: not a bad card, but fits a niche too small
  • No Trace: doesn't fit the theme
  • Old Friends: doesn't fit the theme
  • Psychic Veil: a good card, but really fits only turbo decks. Otherwise, the niche is taken by Veil the Legions
  • Quick Exit: counter-press is crappy compared to maneuver (Behind You!)
  • Sacrificial Lamb: too situational and costly
  • Vanish from the Mind's Eye: a crappy card like Quick Exit

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22 Feb 2017 10:15 #80787 by elotar
I think this article belongs here:

it helps to know the basics of ccg design ;)

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22 Feb 2017 10:52 #80789 by Ankha

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22 Feb 2017 11:13 #80791 by Ankha
Dang, I killed a "fun" card (Fast Reaction). The real problem is that the concept is fun but only works when acting (Hidden Lurker). So Hidden Lurker was saved and Fast Reaction was trashed. (I hope I haven't killed other fun cards by idnavertence)

Prince of Paris, France
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