30 May 2018 15:31 - 01 Jun 2018 01:28 #87742 by KzArashi

...So if you have a Prince in Brazil who is handling things dubiously, just have other(s) also organize events. Preferably not on same dates though. If Prince's conduct is dubious and he is not liked, people can thus ignore him and his events in favor of the events by other organizers.

Others have made similar suggestions here and this is something like a surprise. Because for many yer till now, the commom believe determined by past Nationa Coordinators, is that a City must have only one Prince. In some case was a realy ordeal to get more than one Prince in a single State becouse the initiative was greatly fighted back by past National Coordinators.
As I said a real surgous ocurred some time ago (5 yers or more), iniciated by Desso an the National Coordinator to ban and revoke the registry of a dozen of Prince...

If the problematic person also managed networking possibilities, forums, Facebook groups and such, start new forums/groups which are not under his jurisdiction. With all this you can distance yourself from the problematic person and ostracise him if he himself doesn't have the sense and decency to step down from his position.

That is in progress just now. New facebook groups have been created both by the Nationa Coordinator as by some player. This mainly because a bunch of people got banned from the previous group.

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30 May 2018 16:26 #87744 by DanielScooby

I thought this game was played by adults...

Do do I

Daniel Abreu

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30 May 2018 16:27 #87745 by Sambomb

So for the moment, Brazilian friends, please take patience and use that passion you're showing us to play the game, casual games, unofficial tournaments, whatever you want, and bring us those photos on the VEKN site for example, I'd like to see all those faces I don't know,

I'll upload some photos on the last event on TWD ( Rise of the Fallen )
And on the next event reports too!

Archbishop of Itaocara
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30 May 2018 16:31 #87746 by Sambomb

The Brazilian beasts will necessarily appear. I do not know what you want to do, and do not hesitate to pay anything for nothing.

this is a hostile and misguided pursuit. Motivated by the lack of what to do or by envy. How about going to play more.

I participated in 90% of the championships of my State and also of the National and South Americans, all duly registered.

Fernanda Nunes
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I think that you forgot one consideration: He is your husband.

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30 May 2018 20:18 #87756 by thelonius reloaded

And i wouldn't be surprised if at the EC's NC meeting in few months we'll have to discuss this as well.

Me neither... see you in warsaw

Lurking in the underground of Bologna, Italy

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30 May 2018 20:54 #87758 by Zammael
Well, Alexandre Costa mentioned me as a witness, so I will give a brief testimony:

My name is Sergio Nascimento, and I organized the game in my city, Vitoria, for almost 10 years. During that time, I organized more than 50 tournaments in my city, hosted tournaments (NAT and SAC) and I dealt with Desso as organizer from 2012 to 2016. Let me be clear: one of the major factors that lead to me leaving the organization was his actions and overall behavior. Desso never had scruples to assert his will, to the detriment of others, including organizers, playgroups from other states, and even the playgroup of his city, Sao Paulo. But, what sort of schemes are you talking about that made you give up on organizing events? You might be asking. I will tell you the most recent one as an example. Players from his own playgroup, in an attitude of dissent, organized a tournament last Saturday in a city nearby, Guarulhos – say New Jersey, instead of New York. In an attempt to stop this group from challenging him, at least his actions lead me to believe that this is how he sees it, Desso himself, using his authority of Inner Circle in VEKN, erased the event formerly created by the Brazilian National Coordinator Marcio Pinheiro, who created the event since none of the 5 organizers is a prince yet. Desso, then, re-created the event, writing himself as the organizer. Right after, he announced in the VTES Brasil Facebook group, moderated by him, that he had a conversation with the dissident players and that everything was okay now and that he was going to be the organizer of the event. As all involved original organizers can testify, as well as Marcio Pinheiro, such conversation never happened. But why would he want to validate the above mentioned event in his name? Because he lives of appearances, especially in what concerns the international community. So, he wanted to appear that everything was at peace. But that is not the case. For several reasons. As Alexandre Costa has already mentioned, Desso’s behavior goes from selling materials destined for tournaments prize support to fomenting intrigues within various playgroups. A person with this behavior cannot represent Organized Play within VEKN. He has been known as well for insulting others who disagree with him through private messages.

From 2013 to 2016 things were no different. He made several maneuvers, like the one above, in order to enforce his own will, such as:

1) He fostered intrigue within various playgroups in Brazil, using his IC position to bargain support or even forcing the sale of the Anthology Kits, where he said that "kits would only come into the hands of the interested parties with my consent”(he told this to the Prince of Manaus – Mateus Souza), then he started to silence dissident voices by banning players from national groups of the game in retaliation and without plausible justification (only because the player was contrary to his opinions);

2) There were several problems caused by him, especially after major tournaments (NAT’s and SAC’s), because when he wasn’t the organizer, he always looked for problems to foment intrigue, trying to minimize the success of the event;

3) When I organized the NAT In 2016 even though he was not present, he sought information and brought results to the national group on Facebook before anyone else, just to satisfy his own ego, he did this while also sending messages to players who were at the event asking them to complain about details, such as timing, food options, and accommodations;

4) In 2015, through this sort of scheming, he managed to get the playgroup from Belo Horizonte suspended to host major events for 2 years. This was when he invaded his so called best friend Roberto Mautone’s facebook account. Desso, then, after invading Mautone’s account printed and published several private conversations from Mautone with other princes in the group of princes in order to, again, attack the parties involved and inforce his will. But why someone would do something like this? Because he is a narcissistic megalomaniac in search for power, who only cares about being right and being praised not minding the results of his recklessness, in this case the rupture of our national unity and players from several playgroups across the country giving up from playing the game or at least referring to participate in national tournaments, like I did since 2016, in order to avoid meeting him.

It is notorious that Desso does not represent the behavior of the majority of players in Brazil. Also, it is notorious that much intrigue and wear was caused due to the problems caused by him. Moreover, right now, he is not even seems to be able to work in a respectful way with the current Brazil National Coordinator. Thus it is my belief that Desso Alastor, a.k.a Anderson Garcia, is unfit to be VEKN Organized Play Coordinator, since, in addition to not being an example of transparency and leadership, he has used his position to fulfill his personal agenda.

Many may wonder why this all comes to light now, but the case is that before most of the players could not stand the wear and tear caused by his actions (including me) and preferred to silence and stop playing or hand over the position of organizer, like I did, since, after all, VTES is just a game and, mainly, the organization is voluntary, made by those who like the game and do not want it to end. Now, as the game has come back to print and since several playgroups are returning to activity, the most prudent thing to do is not tolerate any disruptive behavior within the game organization, and that is why so many people decided to speak up.

I urge the other Inner Circle members to join me rejecting the attitudes of a person who depreciated the image of the game for the players in Brazil, discouraging many to play throughout his actions. In order for him to rise, many had to fall. While this is fun in VTES, since predators must kill their preys, it is far from enjoyable in real life. It is undeniable that this same person often (not to say always) is the epicenter of "crisis" of the game in the country. Despite having done much for the game in Brazil, through his engagement on line, it is my sole belief that most of the time he wanted personal benefits and praise. Thus, the results, what he has accomplished, the ends, should not justify the means.

To conclude, yes, I am a witness to several of Desso’s actions that led to endless discussions, and I believe that even in the episode involving the fight on the last SAC in Sao Paulo is a consequence of his reckless behavior. Several players from Sao Paulo are saying that the fight was a result of months of bullying and that Desso did nothing about it before because he had personal interests in one of the parties involved. He was warned that such provocations would not end well and he preferred to be complacent and allow such behavior to continue, because allowing it suited him then. And that’s who he is.

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