13 Aug 2018 10:37 #89958 by Sambomb

he managed to forge an false acusation against the new prince of São Paulo saying that his first official tournament as a prince was fake and a "ghost" event.

There was a mistake in the archon, and it is normal that it is reported. This has been investigated, and fixed. Somehow, a player who was not present had been switched with a player present (and not appearing in the archon). The correct archon should have been resubmitted by now, or will be shortly.

*Any* suspicious activity regarding results should be reported.

I agree with you that every suspicious activity should be reported and investigated, including those in this topic.
An error while filling the archon is not something similar to a ghost event, players from the same city probably with similarities in the vekn ID and over 20 persons, that can happen...

Who created that FB group?
He himself?

Then it is pretty hard to give him the boot if he is not willing.

But anyways, if the position irritates people, they should vote fit their boots ( = remove themselves from that group).

Someone (perhaps BCP guys) should create a new similar FB group to replace VTES World.

He created, I’m just waiting BCP/Vekn/Whitewolf create an official group to leave the old one behind and get to the official one, but while this doesn’t happen VTES World still is “the official” one and members of white wolf like Dhaunae are present in the group.

Archbishop of Itaocara
Prince ID #510

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