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23 Jun 2020 11:42 #100165 by Bloodartist
Thanks for the correction, I was misled by some peoples talk during the finals. I forgot it was actually 3v2 and not a victory by seeding as someone said.

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23 Jun 2020 15:22 #100167 by lip


Marcus "Reaper" (Emerald Legion)
-> Milutin "MM11" (True Power)
-> Nikica "ResurrectioN" (Mistress & Malgorzata)
-> Jennifer "Teylen" (Shambling Hordes)
-> Rudolf "TheBard" (Rebekka Powerbleed)

Game Report

Teylen negotiates with ResurrectioN to avoid some heavy bleed and rush forward,
quickly sending one of TheBard's minion to torpor, helped by Reaper's Dark Influences to counter TheBard's Majesty . TheBard uses Entrancement to steal Ossian then a Shambling Hordes from Teylen in retaliation, leaving her open. Teylen is ousted first after ResurrectioN uses Mistress Fanchon 's ability to fetch an Ancilla Empowerment .

Reaper manages to get an Emerald Legionnaire out, but it is quickly dispatched by MM11's Outside the Hourglass . TheBard fails to apply much pressure on Reaper as he carefully builds up and keeps minions unlocked. ResurrectioN fetches an Anarchist Uprising and moves for the kill: he bleeds for 3 and ousts TheBard, who has no Telepathic Misdirection remaining.

With 1:20 remaining, the game is down to three players with ResurrectioN at two VPs.
Reaper puts pressure on the table to get things moving faster throughout the second part of the game. MM11 bleeds for 1 most of the game, using many :tem: tricks to unlock and avoid combat. Reaper juggles with Villein and Liquidation to stay alive, and finally manages to keep a Legionnaire in play and use its ability. Combined with Babalawo 's ability, he has 5 of them in play in the next turn. MM11 manages to block ResurrectioN's Reins of Power , but succumbs to the growing pressure of the Legion.

The end of the game is tense, and Reaper manages to build up his Legion until 7 Legionnaire are in play. He finally ousts ResurrectioN after going through his 20 remaining pool, with only 3 minutes remaining on the timer.
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