file Mask of a 1000 faces and bleed modifiers

24 Jan 2023 10:56 #107250 by inm8
It doesn't language-wise and your example doesn't seem relevant.

The suggested wording you gave cares about if a modifier has been played to increase the bleed and doesn´t care about whether it has been actually increased or not...and even if it did care about the bleed actually being increased it would then mean that the limit is reached as soon as that has happened and not be affected by if the modifier is actively doing so or not at a later stage.
It doesn't reflect that if a played modifier that actually increases the bleed for some reason no longer is increasing the bleed doesn´t count towards the limit and therefore another modifier can then be played as the limit is no longer reached.

E.g. Vamp A bleeds Meth B with 8 pool with Foreshadowing Destruction at superior for 4 (1+3 from FD) reaching the limit and then gets bounced to Meth C with 10 blood making the bleed 1 (+3 from FD is no longer applicable) no longer being at the limit, Vamp B is then allowed to play a Conditioning at superior making the bleed 4 (1+3 from C).
And if the bleed is bounced back from Meth C to Meth B the bleed would now be for 7 (1+3 from FD + 3 from C).

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